Thursday, January 6, 2011

Floating lantern

On Christmas eve, when we were at Kung Kung Titus' house, we 'launched' a floating/ flying lantern. The kids had been pestering Daddy to get them a floating lantern since they saw a photo in my phone of him playing one in Bintulu on Mooncake Festival night.

When we went to watch the animated film 'Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale", they became even more enamored with the lanterns and renewed their pestering. (Floating lanterns were a feature in that movie.)

Anyway, Hubby finally got them and even I was enchanted by a lantern that could fly. It was basically your own mini hot air balloon! We only played one, because images of lanterns crashing and houses on fire were going through my head!! :)

All the kids were excited and jumped up and down, shouting when the lantern took off gracefully into the night sky. The adults were rather excited too actually! :)

It was pretty awesome!

You should also see the instructions which come on the packaging of the lantern. It is made in China and the English translations are hilarious and make absolutely no sense!! Here's some of them:

And my favourite....

do not forget Wishing oh....

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  1. The England vy the difficult to understand oh. kekeke


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