Sunday, August 31, 2014

Singapore 2014

So at the end of July during Raya break, we went for our annual Singapore family trip. Some of us stayed with Big Sis and some stayed at Marina Bay Sands. Our packed itinerary included the Science Centre, Snow City, the Night Safari and the River Safari at the zoo as well as Gardens by the Bay.

I'll let the photos do the talking....

'exercising' at the park near Big sis' house

Claire, Eva and Solomon celebrated their birthdays

playing with the cuzzies

at the Singapore Zoo

up close and personal with an Indian ghairal

world's largest freshwater tank at the new River Safari

all aboard the train for the Night Safari

optical illusion at the Science Centre

experiencing an earthquake

cousin Hughie volunteered for a demonstration of centripetal force

sooooo cold at Snow City

hanging around outside Marina Bay Shoppes

boys trying to push a tree down!

Gardens by the Bay

at the Flower Dome

Cloud Dome

Children's Waterpark

taking a stroll towards Satay by the Bay for dinner

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

midnight visitor

'Twas a strange night.

 In the middle of the night, I heard noises coming from the kitchen and initially thought it was a kid going to the loo (albeit very clumsily!), so I ignored it and went back to sleep.

Then later, the loud noise of things falling about woke me up and made me imagine thieves and horror movie characters! Lol!

When I finally had the courage to peep (it was around 4am), I saw a small silhouette on the floor next to the fridge. It looked like a bird!!

It couldn't be a bat. (That has happened before in our previous unit, by the way. You can read about it here). Bats don't go banging into things since they have echolocation. 

I was still really creeped out, it was pitch dark at 4 in the morning and there was 'something' crashing about in my home!! So I got Sidekick to come with me! Heh :)

Indeed it was a harmless bird. A pretty green one even! It had injured itself crashing about and was bleeding a bit on its forehead. I wonder where it came from and why it was banging into walls. Was it unwell, or blind or just desperate?

Anyway, I did entertain the thought of keeping it since it was so pretty, but the tragic fact that all our pets die prematurely and also the thought of bird flu made me tell Sidekick to leave it on the balcony.
It stayed on the balcony until it became bright enough and then it flew away.
Too much drama for 4 am...

Friday, August 8, 2014

squash social

Claire and Solomon competed in their first ever squash friendly competition. It was held at the club over two days and even though they did not win anything, it was a very good experience and they learnt a lot.

Both of them played two matches a day and they won some and lost some. Coach A still gave them a medal for their effort! Solomon was over the moon! Lol!

There were people who came from Gym Box to promote Zumba and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The boys really enjoyed the MMA session!

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