Monday, April 28, 2014

x-ray archive

So yesterday Hubby went to the A&E to get an x-ray done because he has been having abnormal back pain for a few days. We were dreading news of another screw misalignment, but the doctor seems to think it looks okay. This doctor however is only an MO, and upon reviewing the x- rays, I noticed a bit of a shift, but this time on a bottom screw. Hubby's pain has reduced, but he will still see his spine specialist ASAP just to make sure everything is okay.

Anyway, we forgot to bring along old x-rays for comparison, so I showed the MO pics of the x-rays which I posted in my blog. She was quite impressed and suggested that I post the other x-rays taken from different angles as well, so that they would be easy to access during emergencies when traveling etc.

So here are the x-rays I'm posting for future reference.

24/4/2013: 5 months post first op.

24/4/2013: 5 months post first op.

29/1/2014: one week before second op.

29/1/2014: one week before second op.

5/2/2014: day after second op.

5/2/2014: day after second op.

27/4/2014: 3 months post second op.

27/4/2014: 3 months post second op.

Easter 2014

So a couple of weeks ago, Sis no.2's kids came over to stay for a few nights, when their mum and dad went to Melbourne for a company trip.

It was fun-filled and noisy with 9 kids at home! Everyone had their best buddies to entertain each other, so we didn't have to do much, just feed them and clean up after them! Only little Adam needed more attention, and even then, he was a very good boy, very independent and only looked for mummy on the first day! 

Annie was also back for a break from her training in Sarikei, where she is preparing for the MSSM National games in Kedah come May.

That Sunday was Easter Sunday. So the day before, we began making Easter eggs which were to be distributed at the Sunday school Easter party.

We took 100 hard boiled eggs and drew on them with small wax candles. Then we soaked the eggs in food dye solutions of various colours. The designs drawn with wax would come out uncoloured.

It was messy fun!! 

Aren't they pretty?

After all the hard work, it was movie time.  The kids watched Evan Almighty again.

Easter morning mass at Holy Trinity church was at 7:30am, so I had to dig up all the kids extra early!

All ready in their Sunday best and Easter bunny ears!

We reached church early to make sure we had seats, as it is always packed on Easter.

Uncle Polycarp also just so happened to come back for a good friend's wedding.

The whole gang headed for breakfast after mass.

There were too many of us, so the big kids had to sit at another table.

Then it was time for their Sunday school Easter party, where they played games, scored some chocs and sweets, and ate some more!

The eggs we and others made were distributed...

So that was our Easter!

A truly happy and blessed Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I've been itching to cut my hair really short. The last time I had a boy cut was in form 3! I was apprehensive because my face is kinda round and short hair would just accentuate that! So since I have lost weight and my face looks slimmer, I thought it was time to cut it short. It would be easier and time-saving too since I wash my hair everyday after Zumba.

So I went to my usual hairdresser and he refused to comply, saying it didn't suit me! He was also in a bad mood and in the midst of telling his staff off so I think the negative energy manifested in my haircut! Lol! i.e: it wasn't a good haircut.

Now I had even more reason to cut it short! So after some research and asking friends for recommendations, I chose to visit Cutting Edge hair salon.

The hairdresser, gave me a perky, short cut, ala Emma Watson, so he says! I like it. It is very refreshing and I always love a drastic change in haircut or hair colour. Makes life more interesting don't you think?

Anyway, now I just hope I know how to maintain it by styling with clay. I'm never good at using hair products... or any other cosmetic products for that matter...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

waffles, candy and teeth...

So here are some random updates...

Claire has been losing an awful lot of teeth lately! It's only 3 months into 2014 now and she has lost a total of 5 milk teeth! Moreover another two are currently shaky! Other than being "bo gay" (direct translation = no teeth) she is also now quite rich thanks to the tooth fairy!

Here we tried waffles at a new place called Georg Peck. How does one pronounce "George" without an "e" anyway? Well, the waffles were the Belgian kind and the kids ordered them with ice-cream. I'd say they're just okay, a little bit hard and the portion was too large for the kids. Or maybe if it was yummier they would've finished it...

And finally here's Solomon proudly showing off his artwork which is being displayed on his school notice board. Like his sisters, he loves arts and craft too.

Over the recent week long school break, Claire, Eva and Solomon went for a 2 day craft workshop at Clara's Crafty Corner. They made photo frames out of cardboard and cloth scraps and also learned to make friendship bracelets. They really enjoyed themselves and have made me promise to send them again during the next school holidays. Annie jie Jie missed out, as she was at scouts camp and was also busy with sports training.

Monday, April 7, 2014

inter-district track and field

receiving her gold medal and RM30 for high jump, girls below 14 yr

So Annie just competed in the inter-district MSSM track and field games last week at Jubilee Ground and she equalled the state record of 1.50m to grab the gold!

She beat her personal best of 1.46m achieved during training. She seems to perform well under pressure during competitions. She even defeated the jumper who represented Sarawak last year.

Annie among the other athletes chosen to represent Sarawak in the upcoming national games

the Kuching contingent came in second, behind Miri

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zumba beach party!

*Photo credits (the nicer, more professional looking ones) go to Alexius Wee of Exhilarate Fitness Studio.

We had the most awesome Zumba beach party last weekend! A bunch of beautiful Zumba ladies together with Exhilarate Fitness Studio organized a one-night family day at Palm Beach Resort, Sematan.

Hubby couldn't make it at the last minute because he had to rush to Miri, though in the end he couldn't get a flight because it was 'cheng beng' (Chinese all souls day) and ended up coming to the beach for the next morning only. So I had to drive the kids up myself, it was a 1hr 45min drive. I've never driven such a long distance because I'm so worried about falling asleep at the wheel and/ or getting lost!! But we followed my friends' cars so I'm proud to say we got there in one piece! Lol!

After settling into our rooms, (we got a lovely little cabin right in front of the beach with two beds downstairs and two more in the attic/ loft) the kids went off to play sand at the beach and collect sandfly bites while we got ready to Zumba!!

Since it was high tide, there wasn't much space on the beach to Zumba, so we danced on the Tarmac in front of the office! The blasting music and dancing maniacs attracted quite an audience! Our instructor Catherine and her hubby Alexius transported the sound system and huge speakers from the studio all the way up to the resort!

This was our first time Zumbaing outdoors and though it was a little overcast, it was still very hot and tiring. We had to stop for more breaks than usual. It was a whole lot of fun and Alexius took plenty of gorgeous photos and shot videos to compile into a music video later!!

That night, we had a barbecue and steamboat with delicious food all bought and prepared by our lovely Zumba buddies! After the kids went to bed (the kids' new friend Kimberly slept over!), I joined the party next door! It was a fun night of listening to them talk nonsense and laughing my head off! Of course some coffee liquor made everything funnier! Lol!

Then we saw some people releasing flying lanterns and I remembered I brought a whole pack of them and forgot to let the kids play with them. So I got them out and we had a magical lantern session. It was a first for some. It's nice to release them at the beach, as there are no obstacles and the breeze lifts them up real high!

So we were heehawing past midnight and decided we had better get some shut-eye before having to wake up for sunrise Zumba at 6:30am!! Otherwise it would become zombie Zumba!

I totally did not hear my alarm the next morning, and only woke up at 6:30am! I jumped out of bed and got ready in record time!! After waiting for others to awake and finding an extension cord for the sound system and sorting out dance space, we started at 7:30am.

This time we danced on the sand and the instructors were up on a wooden deck! It was gorgeous! We were Zumbaing on the beach amidst breathtaking scenery! A rising sun, clear blue skies, coconut trees, the beach, turquoise waters and islands in the horizon! It was really like something from an MTV music video! Lol!

The only cons were the heat and glare of the sun later on and the sandflies, but it was so totally worth it! Everyone was stoked! I'd do it again in a heartbeat, anytime!

Anyways, after some photo taking and swimming in the pool, it was time to go home :( 

We had a buffet lunch at Sematan town and then started the long drive back. Google maps helped me this time...

It was such an amazing trip and everyone was on Facebook that night and the whole of the next day sharing photos and commenting on them! We were so busy! Lol! The professional photos taken by Alexius were the best! Amazing colours and angles! I can't wait for his music video to be 'released'! Hahaha...

This fantastic trip would not have been possible if not for the hard work of the lovely ladies in the organizing group and our awesome ZINs Catherine, Daffodil and Carole and the studio manager Alexius. So thanks guys, for a marvelous time with amazing people! Can't wait for the next trip!! ;)

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