Friday, July 27, 2012

Europe pilgrimage

Westminster Cathedral, London

Here are some photos from Dad's Europe pilgrimage. They went round Europe (Italy, Ireland, London, Paris, Portugal...) and attended a 'Family conference' in Madrid. My MIL went on a similar pilgrimage a week later and she said that she heard some people from Dad's group were robbed/ pick-pocketed!

We asked Dad whether it was true, and who it was, and he answered, "Yes", and "Me!"

Hahahaha... this Dad of ours has always been a man of few words, and never tells us much unless prompted. Sometimes even when prompted, all you get is 'grunts' in reply!!

So he explained that someone is his group got his camera bag stolen and another's knapsack or was it a pouch, disappeared. As for him however, he was only nearly robbed a few times. Each time it was women and they would pretend to talk to you, or create havoc, a few of them with babies, and get close to you and try to put their hands into your bags/ pouches!

Luckily each time Dad's friends spotted the sneaking hand, or Dad himself kept his distance. This was in Italy and apparently it is a very common occurrence! What drama!

Tower Bridge? with dunno who?

With Fr.Hanrahan (I think) who was in Kuching for many years and is now back in Ireland

Dad at various 'holy places' :)

Gorgeous scenery
trees covered with rosaries!

dance concert 2012

Annie's ballet school had a fund raising concert at the end of last month. It was to raise funds so that they could send some senior girls to a dance festival at Macau.

I only bought 2 tickets at first, and in the end everyone wanted to go, but there were no more tickets left. So I asked Taiku and Uncle Dylan to go instead.

The concert consisted of dances from around the world. Annie did a Thai dance, whereas Allyson did an Australian one. The girls are very pretty and they did very well that night.

Andy & Athena's wedding

The very tall and gorgeous couple!

So Athena, or Nana as we affectionately call her, is our cousin. One of the 'littler' ones, who just got married, which means we are getting old!! *scary*!

Anyway, Athena and Andy got married at Holy Trinity Church last Saturday and prior to that, we were all busy with the preparations. Sis no.2 was making the flower girls' dresses, while I was doing the dessert table and wedding cake. Hubby and I also had the honour of being their witnesses.

It was a grand and festive affair with lots of family and friends; it's always wonderful to meet up with mum's side of the family again. There were uncles from Canada and KK, and Aunty Jo (mum's BFF) from KL and Cousin Ann Ann from Penang. Sis no.1 even came back at the last minute and surprised everyone. Kung Kung took a while to register when an extra grandchild suddenly appeared! (only Benedict came back with mummy)

Anyway, here are the photos of the wedding at church, the tea ceremony at home, and the dinner reception at the Hilton.

The girls were excited to be flower girls! (Sis no.2 made all those amazing dresses!)

the pretty little girls with the beautiful bride!

Splendid photography by Edwin Lay at

The traditional Chinese tea ceremony

went to the hotel to set up the dessert table ( notice my assistants in the background)

the wedding cake on stage

It was a fun night! The kids enjoyed themselves!

The Aunty club! lol!

The loudest and longest 'yamseng' from our table! Hahhaha...

Congratulations Nana and Andy! Here's wishing you a long, blessed life together, full of love, joy and laughter!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sibling rivalry

Eva and Solomon are my two youngest and they are only 2 years apart in age. It is therefore understandable that they bicker all the time.

They fight over everything and anything. From the more obvious; toys and stickers, to a piece of string found on the car floor! (serious!)

Is a piece of string that fascinating? Or is it the sense of rivalry that propels them to challenge the other for ownership?? Most likely the latter; for when I offer (read threaten!) to give them 'a piece of string' as a present for their upcoming birthdays, as if by magic, nobody wants it anymore! lol! Try it! Works like a charm!

I suppose this rivalry is a natural and healthy part of growing up, and I just have to make sure things don't get out of hand. They are after all siblings, and even though they may seem at times irreconcilable arch enemies, under all the fighting, you can be sure that they do love each other.

I was assured of this the other day when Eva told me something.

You see, Solomon and Eva are the only two siblings who are still in kindergarten, so they go to the same school. Every morning, when I drop them off at the entrance, without fail, all rivalry is put aside and Eva brings Solomon, hand in hand, to his classroom before going to her own.

I thought all she did was to lead him to his class and then leave for her own, but one day she told me that she would bring him to his class, then they would give each other a 'huggie', then kiss and high five before he went in! This was their daily ritual! *awww...* Who would've thought...

I think that's so sweet, and I'm so proud of them! *beaming*

Chinese, Indian, English??

Here's a funny conversation I had with Claire the other day...

Claire:      You know my friend in class?
                 He is Indian but he cannot speak Indian!
                 So funny ho? *giggles*

Mummy:   Huh? But you are also Chinese and cannot speak Chinese?!

Claire:      I am not Chinese!! *genuinely surprised!!*
                 I am English!! 

Mummy:   LOL!!

Here's another case of, "I am English!" Just like Annie when she was younger! Hahaha...

They all think that if you speak English, you are English, and if you speak Chinese, you are Chinese and so on!

*sigh* Identity crisis....


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mid-year hols 2012

So the kids had their mid-year break during the last week of May and the first week of June. Sis no.1 and no.4 plus kids came back from Singapore for a week, so it was full team (17 grandkids) in action!!

Sis no.2 had gone to China with hubby and friends, and Kung Kung went to Europe for a pilgrimage. So Sis no3 and I were the only ones around to welcome the Singapore gang, and after that even Sis no.3 had to go for a short work trip to KK! So it was just me and the Singapore sisters tending the whole brood of 17 (just for a few days until everyone came back)! Think 3 mother hens with 17 littles chickies running amok all around! Lol!

To be fair, some of the bigger chickies didn't need tending, just throw them an iPad.... ;) In fact, the older ones can now help with the smaller ones... when left with no other choice, that is!!!

Anyway, the whole gang decided to surprise Kung Kung at the airport when he got back from Europe. They made a 'Welcome Home' sign and waited outside the arrivals gate! People were amused to see them and some even stopped to take photos.

Anyway, here are some photos of the things they did over the holiday...

Sis no.2's kids came to sleepover for 4 nights while mummy and daddy were in China! It was fun for everyone to have their BFFs over, and so cute to have little Adam toddling around the house.

Ohhhhh.... fek!

Playing on the road like we used to! Though we played "mata liak chat" (police catch thieves), whereas now they play "fire and ice"! :)

All 17 kids plus another 2 of the neighbour's kids!

The trusty ol' swing where we used to do our acrobatics!! :) It seemed so much bigger then!

There was a lovely family (Mum's side) gathering to celebrate Ee Poh's birthday.

And of course... bowling...

Solomon brought his own set!

There was of course Ethan, Amelie and Amanda's birthday celebration...

We actually didn't go out much, mostly the kids enjoyed each other's company playing at home. It is also getting harder to bring out the whole, ever-growing gang!

Before we knew it, the week was over and it was time to say goodbye! :(

The usual havoc at the airport!

See you guys again at Christmas?? ;)
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