Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas baking

I'm dreaming of baking lots and lotsa Christmassy stuff! That's what always happens when I spend too much boring time at the shop. After getting sick of Facebook and it's multitude of applications, I'll never fail to end up browsing recipes and gorgeous cake decorations!

Eventually, I will have a whole long list of things I want to make and at that moment in time, genuinely believe that I will indeed turn these delicious dreams into reality.

Thus armed with great fervour, I will then make a shopping list of ingredients I need to buy. Since I frequent the supermarket almost every day, and am a stickler for lists and getting everything on my lists done ASAP, I will complete this mission pretty quickly.

The next step however always proves to be a bit more tricky. That's the step where I have to find time to actually bake the goods! When I am under such circumstances, you will find me lying with the kids at night hoping and praying that they'll take a fast track ticket to Dreamland. As opposed to tossing and turning (or singing and talking to herself, as in the case of Eva) for an hour or so!

If they do sleep early, I'll have a couple of hours to myself. This is my glorious baking time.

However, things don't always work out the way you want them to, do they? More often than not, the kids will go to sleep late and I will be too tired to even contemplate exchanging sublime sleep for baking. Sleep still ranks far above baking for me, hands down!

This is the reason why I have ingredients like condensed milk, bread flour, ground hazelnut (just to name a few) sitting without a purpose in my fridge. I did have intentions for them initially, but had no time to carry them out. Alas, they have now been forsaken for other newer, yummier culinary dreams.

So here is my current list of baking aspirations:

1. Lebkuchen - a spiced German Christmas cookie. I'm thinking gingerbread men...

From the Brown Eyed Baker @

2. The famous Neiman Marcus choc chip cookies

From the Brown Eyed Baker @

3. Sugar crusted ginger chewies. Jingle bells, jingle bells...

From Joy the Baker @

4. Bittersweet cheesecake torte - a combination of white chocolate cheesecake and milk chocolate cheesecake and brownie! Yes, you heard right...

From Better Homes and Gardens @

5. Caramel frosted Hummingbird cake - yummy cake contains pineapple, carrot and sweet potato!

From Better Homes and Gardens @

6. White chocolate brownies - with macadamia nuts! Need I say more...

Also from

Actually there are a few more... but you get my drift.

Now, I hope at least 2 of these things on my list will eventually get to my dining table before Christmas is over...


  1. I can't wait to taste ALL of them! I am going bakery shopping in Kch. Give me all the places yea? I have 3 weeks in Kuching!!! Yippie...

  2. Haha.. Sure! I'll bring u there... but I think all the things are about the same!

  3. Hope you enjoy the lebkuchen and Neiman Marcus cookies as much as I did! And oh my! That cheesecake brownie torte looks to die for!

  4. Oh yes.. I also think that cheesecake thingie looks the best! Hope I get around to making it!


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