Thursday, July 23, 2015

burst bubbles

So today Solomon got 2 bubbles burst:

1. He wore a 'dinosaur tooth' pendant/necklace to school today. It came free with a dinosaur book he ordered.

In the elevator I casually mentioned,  "You know that's not a real dinosaur tooth right?"

"Ha?!" he exclaimed, looking crestfallen.


2. Solomon told me, "Mummy, I know the Tooth Fairy is not real."

I asked him how he knew..  He said his teacher told him when he showed her the note the Tooth Fairy wrote to him.

Party pooper...  Lol

FYI: Eva wrote the note a few months ago and placed it under his pillow along with the money. He had misplaced his tooth and was worried he wouldn't get any money. The note said: "Why is your tooth not under your pillow Solomon? From Tooth Fairy"

Friday, July 3, 2015

different wavelengths

So in the car, the radio DJ was reading the entertainment news and mentioned that Megan Trainor had a hemorrhage in her vocal chords and was thus going to cancel her tour...

Claire: What happened to Megan Trainor?

Solomon: Megatron??!

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