Wednesday, August 21, 2013

another pair

Eva has gotten glasses as well! She recently complained of not being able to see the white board in class, so I brought her to check her eyesight again.

7 months ago it was fine, but now she has myopia of about 125 degrees, same as me and Annie. Luckily no astigmatism like Claire and Daddy. 

Aunty Monica says the kids need more sunlight to improve their eyesight. 1-2hrs of sunlight a day was the prescription!

Hopefully Solomon won't need glasses! He's the only one left who doesn't need them!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

mid-year holidays 2013

The kids had a two-week school break cum Gawai holiday, over the last week of May and the first week of June. The Singapore cousins came over and it was the usual havoc of 17 grandkids running wild! :)

Here's the summary of activities in pictorial form!

The kids played hooky from school to go to Spring!

It's always fun at Kidz Paradize!

Rosary at Dad's to celebrate the group's 30th anniversary

We celebrated a few birthdays...

Cousin Amanda's...

Cousin Amelie's...

Cousin Ethan's...

Cousins Amanda and Amelie's actual day at Club...

Uncle Ah Kheng's...

Amanda's again, at school.

Here's Solomon skipping another day of school! Notice Cousin Benedict's shirt...

It's not often Solomon gets to hang out with so many boys!

Doing boy stuff...

Feeding fish at Friendship Park

Cousin Dominic

Playing Frisbee with Pumpkin, the smart collie.

We love our cuzzies!

Sending off at the airport

the little BFFs

The usual ruckus, saying (screaming), "Goodbye!"

Until the next holidays!!! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

raya holidays 2013

School's out! We're having 2 weeks off for semester break and Hari Raya! We went to the museum and aquarium this morning.

Annie's off at a scouts camp at Tanjung Datuk, the tip of Borneo.

Here are the rest finishing up some homework before cousins Benedict and Dominic come back for a week!

Tip: party hats make homework more fun!

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