Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First visit to the dentist

A couple of months ago, I made an appointment for the kids to visit the dentist again, as I noticed Claire had a cavity. This time,  I thought it would be good for Solomon just to have a check to get him used to the dentist. It would be his first time.

Little did I know, he already had two cavities on his molars. He was initially very brave when the dentist checked his teeth. I suppose he was not prepared for filling, as I told him it was just a check. When the dentist said he needed to do two fillings, I just told him and should have explained more, because when the dentist started cleaning and drilling, he screamed and cried and struggled and ran off!

So we only managed to do one filling, and I will slowly psyche him up for the next visit when we do the other one! *fingers crossed*

Get married?!

So the other day, I had just picked Solomon up from school and he said,

Solomon:  Next time I want to get married.

Mum:       (Taken aback) Get married?!
                 Marry who??

Solomon:  Neh... like last time hold candle walk on the road one ah...


I then realized what he meant.

You see, recently, Sis no.2 and I have been busy with preparations for our cousin Athena's wedding. Alaena, Claire, Eva, Amelie and Asa are all going to be flower girls. So I supposed he heard us talking about flower girls, 'getting married', etc..

And a couple of weeks ago, it was the feast of Corpus Christi, and we went to St Joseph's Cathedral. The kids experienced a candlelight procession on the road for the first time. It was fun that they got to hold candles with real fire and walk right smack in the middle of a large road!

In front of the procession were flower girls leading the way and throwing flowers on the ground. So I suppose he figured; "Flower girls = getting married!!"

So it seems, the poor boy thought he got married!! lol!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ben & Von finally got married! ;)

Took this lovely pic off your FB Von, hope your friend doesn't mind! :)

We have a couple of friends, Ben and Yvonne, who, like Hubby and I, were high school sweethearts! Since they have been together for so long, everybody have of course been wondering when they would finally tie the knot!

So last month, everyone was excited when they finally got married and held a wonderfully fresh and casual reception at Damai beach that night. Quite a few ex-high school classmates from good ol' St Teresa and St Joseph's came for the event, with a few travelling from KL. It was nice to catch up with "teenage-hood" friends and reminisce the good ol' days as well as marvel at how fast time flies!

Anyway, a lot of the guests spent the night at Damai Beach. In anticipation of alcohol-induced incapacity to drive (among other things), we also booked a room for the night. Kids stayed over at HQ, so we had the night to ourselves.

At first we had a hilltop room, but found out that they still had a Baruk suite left, at a special rate for the wedding party, RM300. The Baruk suite usually goes for around RM4-500 I think.

I used to work at Holiday Inn Kuching, as a First Choice Club telemarketer, (that's a whole other blog post right there!) so I've seen the Baruk suite before during a room inspection. It's a gorgeous round shaped bungalow, in the style of a Melanau round house. The beds face glass doors which look out onto the sea and there is even a jacuzzi. So we changed to a Baruk suite, even though they only had one with two queen sized beds left.

First thing we did when we got to the new room was to push the two beds together, then promptly went to sleep! (It's not often that we get to have afternoon naps!) Oh yes, before that, I got stung by a wasp on the balcony! Luckily it was not Hubby who got stung, because the last time he was stung by a wasp at the golf course, he ended up in the ICU!!

Anyway, during our afternoon siesta, the doorbell rang twice, and both times, there was no one at the door! After another mysterious ring, we called maintenance to come and have a look. A guy came and could not find the problem, so we requested that he just disconnect the wires of the doorbell button.

Even though the day started out gorgeously sunny, it soon started raining and quickly escalated to a strong, windy storm! The doorbell went crazy (even after disconnection!) and even the lights flickered! With the 'poltergeisty' activity, the high ceiling and creepy enormous urn behind the bed, the room was beginning to take on an ominous feel...

Then, I noticed that the doorbell ringing coincided with lightning, so I mentioned it to Hubby and he figured it was a short circuit somewhere and then it dawned on him that we must have disturbed something when we moved the beds!! Duh!

So we pushed the beds aside, and sure enough, there was the stupid doorbell speaker, among other wiring! Hubby happily pulled out the wires of the speaker and placed it on the bed head. Now, if that wireless speaker rang again, it was definitely time to change rooms!! lol!

After all that doorbell drama, the room never felt comfortable again, and I don't think we'll be staying at Baruk suites in the future! (We both had nightmares the next night at home.... coincidence??)

I digress... back to the wedding...

So they had a wonderful set up of tables at the clifftop poolside for the dinner that night. It was a beautiful location, with a magnificent view. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the weather took a sudden turn for the worse! So everything was moved to an indoor location a little further down the hill. It was still a lovely place anyway.

At least the weather didn't turn into mini typhoon proportions as it did the night before! The night before, there was a storm with winds so strong that trees were uprooted, and there were flash floods and electricity blackouts everywhere! Even the big old mango tree behind my dad's house was uprooted and crashed into the fence and neighbour's awning!

Daddy's poor mango tree

So luckily it was just a normal rain which let up when the dinner was about to begin. Here are some of the photos of the fun night:

Looking decent (-ish) pre-alcohol...

with the gorgeous (and very tall) bride :)

Bride & groom with the St Teresa gang. This is right after Hubby (taking the pic) called us "Aunties"!!

and so it began...

nope, definitely not a conference meeting...

these little boys always love a good party...

Congratulations Ben and Yvonne! You guys make a dashing couple! Here's wishing you a wonderful life together, filled with an abundance of love and laughter!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

It was Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago, here's my stash this year!! ;)

Missing my own Mummy too... wish she were here to see all her grandkids. She would be so proud!!

Happy belated Mother's Day and God bless all you supermums out there!!

Rubbish collector


My only son wants to be a rubbish collector!!

He was playing with jie jie on the toy car and then hung onto the back of the car.

"Just like truck man", he said, and Daddy realized he meant the rubbish collectors who hang onto the backs of the rubbish trucks!! lol!!

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