Sunday, June 29, 2014

everyday Zumba

It's not only when we have events that we go extra Zumba crazy. Sometimes we have themed nights at the studio and normal classes get pumped up as well!

First was "Glow in the dark":

Then there was "Hat & cap":

After that came "Football fever!":

Then there was our instructor Cat's birthday which we celebrated 3 times! Yes, 3 times over the course of a week!

First was an early surprise celebration at Mc Donald's after class. I made the cake and cupcakes at the last minute. This was organized by a friend who wouldn't be around on the actual day.

Second was the surprise after class on her actual birthday. This one was organized by another instructor (Elyn), also at the last minute when we found out that Cat would be at the studio replacing Daff, when she was usually off on Mondays.

Some of us put on red lipstick and kissed (attacked) her after the surprise cake came out when class ended! Lol!

Then... the last and most fun celebration was a few days later when instructor Daff got back and she organized another surprise, because she wasn't around for the first two! Lol! So complicated...

It was Friday the 13th and we set the theme for the night as "Party"! A few of us stayed back on Thursday night to decorate the studio with colourful balloons and ribbons.

Then once again, after the last song played, the cake came in!

After that, there was a slide show of our "before & after" pics and a heart-warming speech by Daff, then Cat. Soon everyone was taking turns telling their Zumba life-changing stories. It was a beautiful night of sharing.

Then there was also the hilarious helium inhaling! Lol!

Everyone was on the floor laughing!

It was an awesome night of tears and laughter!

Anyway, here are some other random, Zumba related pics in my phone...

This lady is 77 years old and is a regular at our studio. She is truly inspiring!!

Here we are modeling the 'holey' shirts we group-ordered. We were inspired by our friend G who rocks a similar 'holey' angel wings shirt!

Here's the 'before & after' pic I have always wanted to compile. I lost more than 10kg after doing Zumba for around half a year! I don't know the exact figure, as I didn't dare weigh myself when I was heaviest! It was also hard to find a decent 'before' pic, as I didn't like taking photographs of myself, for obvious reasons. This particular 'before' pic is super awful! Lol!

Playing with henna after class...

The next Zumba post will be about the most important Zumba event for me yet!

all about Zumba

So as you know, I've moved on from a cake decorating obsession to a Zumba obsession! There have been many Zumba events I have yet to blog about, so the next few posts will be dedicated to Zumba!

NOTE: The photos which look exceptionally gorgeous and professional are taken by Alexius of Exhilarate Fitness Studio, Kuching.

The first event on the list was a Zumbathon held in Serian in May, organized by one of the ZINs (Zumba instructor) from our studio. A whole group of us drove up together in a convoy to participate in this event. I joined G's car halfway and we had fun with A and Dr B, 'dancing' in the car! Lol!

Before the event in the afternoon, we went for mee udang (prawn noodles) at a very famous roadside shop called Mee Udang Gumpey. Despite the place being in the middle of nowhere (it was almost an hour's drive off a main road), it was packed and there were people standing by the road, waiting to be seated when we were about to leave! The place is at Kampung Gedong, where a river runs parallel to the road, hence the abundance of fresh water prawns.

Anyway, after stuffing our stomachs, we made our way to the Serian community hall. The event was a success, with lots of participants, many of whom drove all the way up from Kuching.

The next event was a week later at Damai Central, in conjunction with the Muka' Bidai Borneo Festival 2014. Other than Zumba, there were many other extreme sports like paintball and kick boxing.

We did our Zumba outdoors, in front of the beach, facing the setting sun! It was quite hot initially, but when the sun began to set and paint the sky with it's amazing colours, it was a gorgeous experience!

There was a crowd of onlookers who enjoyed the loud music and the entertainment and some joined in! There were even a few topless men on the beach who followed the steps! Lol!

Sis no.3 and Cousin Christine also came for the event and we brought along the kids who hung about on the beach while we danced.

The kids had fun at the beach as well and everyone was pooped by the end of the day. We bathed and changed and had a quick dinner at the Damai Central food court before heading home.

Next up was a barbecue at the condo 2 weeks ago. It was a whole lot of crazy fun. It's wonderful how so many of us of all ages and from all walks of life can get along together so well because of just one thing which we all have in common, that is the magic of Zumba. 

There was swimming, dancing, too much food and most of all laughter!

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