Friday, September 12, 2014


Here are some of the things they do at school and English tuition:

 They are very proud of their work and so is Mummy! :)

mid-year birthdays

So its now September, way past the middle of 2014. Time sure is whizzing by! Well, we've celebrated Claire, Eva, Solomon and Kung Kung's birthday and here are the pics.

Claire's actual birthday was the day we arrived at Singapore, so we got to celebrate it (together with Solomon's and Eva's) with all the Singapore cousins.

Eva's KitKat cake for school.

Claire had one as well.

 We celebrated Claire and Eva's birthday at school during lunch time. It was Eva's actual birthday.

The kids always go crazy when they see all the KitKats and M&Ms!

That night we had dinner at Oinks. Heard a lot of good things about the place.

The food was decent...

... and the portions huge!!

They have Haagen Daz!

Solomon invited a couple of classmates.

So did Eva

Boys and their toys...

It was a triple celebration as usual.

Kung Kung with the grandkids. 

Solomon also celebrated at school on his actual birthday.

With the boys...

We celebrated Kung Kung's birthday earlier this year, since Cousin Hughie was here.

The years are flying by! My little babies are all grown up! Mummy and Daddy loves you all!
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