Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Miss Destructive II

Little Miss Destructive strikes again.

You know how, after years, or at least months of wearing slippers/ sandals, they get worn out? Sometimes the soles start coming off and you get "crocodile jaws", or the straps break or come loose. Those are the usual wear and tear results right?

Anyway, I bought Eva a pair of slippers which were rather expensive, compared to the less than RM10 cheapo China ones. They were the Bata, Bubblegummers ones which cost around RM20, I think. That was only what, 2-3 weeks ago?

Well, after school yesterday (she sometimes just refuses to wear school shoes), I saw her dragging one foot along when walking towards the car. When she got in, she showed me her slipper:

I have never seen someone wear a slipper until it broke into half!

I smelled something fishy, since footwear rarely break in half on their own! So, I asked her whether she had bent it back and forth while sitting on the bench waiting for me.

She replied innocently, "No..."

And after a while added...

"At music class. "



  1. Hi Priscilla, ha ha, love your gang, Annie, Eva....Claire and little Solo.
    You know, if you here, the government gives you about Cdn $200 a kid a month. Thats at exchange of Rgt 3.23 VS Cdn $1.00, $800 Cdn...Rgt 2400 +-. Can buy more slippers, ha ha.

    By the way, if free, pop by, got something might interest you re your kids.
    Have fun, go get the new slippers, ha ha, Lee.

  2. your kids are a riot, Pao ... too cute!

  3. Hi Uncle Lee!
    Wow! That's a lot of money! I wouldn't even have to work, just stay home and look after the kids! haha :)

    That's the good thing about Canada. Here we work so hard to save up for education and health care. There, you're all so well taken care of!

    ok.. will drop by soon Uncle Lee!

  4. You have adorable kids yang Solomon tu wah rasa macam nak cubit pipi dia geramnya,my 5 cucus also i geram always i kidnap but my children take back bila balik kerja arhahahaha,SOMETIMES THEY DONT COME I MARAH MY KIDS,refuse to talk to them arhahahaha so ingat2 bawa balik jumpa grandpa,grandma,bila ada chance ok.Keep a smile always and god bless,fr al mal pg.

  5. Apa Khabar AL MAL!
    Terima Kasih for dropping by! Ya, sometimes so busy with work and school and all that can forget to bring them to see grandma and grandpa.
    Must remind myself once in a while! Ya, I can see that cucu always make grandma and the grandpas happy!
    Hope you and the rest of the PEnang gang have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. Such a cutie pie! I wonder what she will detroy next?! hahahahha..

  7. *sigh*.. anything broken or scribbled has Eva written all over it! :)

  8. At least she was honest abt it. :)

  9. Haha, ya, come to think of it, that's true Slavemom. Usually she's also very good at making up stories! :)


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