Saturday, June 18, 2011



It's kinda sad, but I've decided I'm going to change my blog settings so that only invited guests may view it. I guess it's got too many personal photos and private information about our lives that Hubby and I think it's a bit risky, what with all the psycho creeps lurking in the big bad world out there!

Besides, Hubby reckons he'll be a multi-billionaire pretty soon, so that'll make the kids sure targets for kidnappers who would want dibs on our many underground vaults stuffed with mountains of gold bars!! Muahahaha...

Anyhoo... I suppose it's not such a big deal, since I am blogging mainly for personal pleasure and to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as to preserve precious memories. God knows I am not earning any money from this blog anyway! Unless you count the US$6 from Google ads!! Hahahaha...

Oh yes! And also RM3.65 from Nuffnang!!! Don play, play okay??!! :)

(Yes, for all the years I've had this blog... 2 years I think!! Though I only joined Nuffnang recently)

I do enjoy reaching out to people from all over the world though. It's like when I was small and had pen pals (I don't think our kids even know what pen pals are anymore... or even letters for that matter!!!) in Canada, France and US. It just seems so cool to be able to connect with people so far away, especially those with the same interests. I've 'met' quite a few friends, 'Supermommies' and 'Uncles' on the amazing Blogosphere and hope they'll want to continue visiting me!

Well, at least I will still have my cake blog to reach out to other cake-crazy strangers with!! :)

Okay, I've got to figure out how to do this 'privatization' thing... I think I have to invite via email.

So, if any of you friends and family out there would like to still have access to my blog, please leave me your email address and name in the comment section at the bottom. Don't worry, I won't publish it so others won't get to see your information.

I'll leave my blog as it is for a while, to see if anyone actually wants to still read my blog!!

I'll change the settings in a few weeks then...


PS: can also email me at to leave your name and email add ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back on track...

Oh my! I haven't blogged or read the blogs which I follow for a whole two weeks!! I've been super busy (and also lazy lah...) entertaining the kids and cousins as well as my sisters who are back from Singapore! Also, New Sidekick is still a bit blur, so I'm still training and helping her and can't really leave her alone with the kids for too long.

It's been a wonderful holiday, and when the 'Singaporean' cousins go home tomorrow, things will be slowing down to the same old boring repetitive schedule.

I'll start sorting out my photos and blogging as soon as I can manage to turn off my 'holiday' button and warm up my 'work' engine!! I've been neglecting the shop as well, so will have to see to work and also start going to the gym!! All this holiday Sarawak laksa is migrating to my waist!! *arrgghhhh!!!!*

Next week.... promise....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Damai Beach May 2011

The school holidays have started. They coincide with the Gawai Festival, which is the harvest festival for the natives of Sarawak. So the kids have 2 whole weeks of 'no school'! Which means I also get to sleep in for 2 whole weeks!!

Anyways, Cousin Hughie is back from Miri for a week, so we went to the beach last Sunday. We stayed a night at Damai Beach Resort. They seemed to have refurbished the place, so it's much fresher and cleaner now. It used to be quite run down and dark and dank before.

We stayed in the chalet room. It is a bit cheaper to use a travel agent. I booked through Wah Tung Travel and it cost RM235 a night plus breakfast for two,whereas the walk-in rate is around RM290.

I like the chalets because they are conveniently situated right in front of the beach.

We had two days of clear blue skies and crazy hot sun! The kids had a whale of a time playing at the beach and digging holes on the first afternoon, right up till the evening.

There was, of course, an ice-cream break. What's sun, surf and sand without ice-cream eh?

Then there was more sand play...

That night, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I wouldn't recommend eating there, if it were not only for convenience's sake. The other option would be to pile into the car and drive to nearby mosquito-infested seafood restaurants which are moreover usually crowded and hot.

 The next morning, Hubby had to go back to town early for meetings and errands. Tai Ku and Uncle Dylan had already left the night before because they had to work on Monday.

The rest of us had the buffet breakfast, then headed off to the beach. Annie loves exploring the tidal pools and discovering little snails, fish, prawns and crabs among the rocks.

I think Cousin Hughie enjoyed himself the most, as this was his first time playing on the beach! I'll bet he can't wait till the next beach holiday!

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