Friday, December 14, 2012

china town

Annie was asking me about China Town. She asked me if there was one here and I told her our Padungan road, the one with the giant cat statue was considered our China Town.

Then she asked if all the Chinese had to live there?! I explained that no, it was where mostly Chinese did business, selling Chinese groceries, running Chinese restaurants, etc...

She added, "Wearing Chinese clothes??"


"Er, not necessarily...."

Then I mentioned that there was even an India Street here, with the Indian folk selling spices for curries and such, and Indian restaurants, etc...

After digesting the information she asked, "So Kenyalang is for the Kenya people??"


Kungfu Panda

So we passed by a Chinese temple the other day and Solomon exclaimed, "Kungfu Panda house!!"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

happy birthday hubby!

So Hubby spent his 35th birthday mostly in bed, on pain medication, and shuffling around with a walking frame! The kids found it hilarious 'cos it reminded them of the "ah ma" (old lady) with the walking frame who appears (walking extremely slowly) in Mr Bean! 

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

Anyway, It's been a week since Hubby's spine operation and he has recovered very fast! He escaped the house on Friday (drove off to a kopitiam and was reluctant to come back!)! He is not very fond of being house bound! Luckily he is not a woman going through confinement!

Well, after the follow up with Dr Wong yesterday, he has been given the green light to get out and about. He's pretty mobile now, though he still cannot bend down. So work resumes, and he will be travelling again tomorrow!
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