Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Singapore 2013

So on 29th March (Good Friday), the whole kampung from Kuching invaded Singapore to visit their Chuo counterparts! Good Friday is a public holiday here in East Malaysia and Singapore, and the kids skipped a couple of days of school as well the following week! :) No one's gonna remember missing a couple days of school, but everyone will surely remember that awesome holiday with all the cousins!

the kampung folk arrive at Changi airport!

The welcoming committee! The 17 cousins are complete, and the hullabaloo commences!

Then it was off to Big Sis' new, big, 3 storey house! We had to divide and conquer. The big kids went to stay at Sis No.4's place, smaller ones at Big Sis' place and Hubby and I and 2 kids went to stay at Marina Bay Sands hotel, as Hubby managed to get free rooms.

the little ones at Big Sis'

the big ones at Sis No.4's

Since it was Good Friday, the next item on the agenda was of course mass. The church is only a 2 min walk away and Dad was very pleased that he could walk to church every morning for the duration of his stay at Big Sis' house.

The next day, we celebrated 3 birthdays at Peek-a-boo! Adam, Garnet and Dominic were all born in the same year, within weeks of each other.

The kids went crazy and played non-stop for hours!! Even the big ones!

There were games, dancing (surprise performance of Gangnam Style by little Dominic!) and a magician even!

The three cutie pies who celebrated their collective second birthday! The gorgeous cake was bought by Garnet's mummy, Cousin Athena. The kids were born in the year of the rabbit and Easter was the next day, so very appropriate indeed!

The kids went for a quick swim at Sky on 57...

The big kids' activities included karaoke singing and watching a movie...

Sis No.2 feeding the tweens and teens at Mc D's!

Then it was off to church for Baby Garnet's baptism. Sis No.4 was her Godma.

There was a lot of hoo-ha, when some of us were slightly late and a dragon-lady warden would not let us in!! (into church!! and on Easter Sunday no less!!) Sis 2 and 3 and Dad were mighty pissed, but in the end everyone got in and it is funny on hindsight!!

Super expensive pasta at Mario Batali's pasta place at MBS Shoppes. The pasta was good, though nothing spectacular. The best dishes are the tapas/ antipasti. They're full of wonderful flavours. I bet the kids would've preferred Mc Donald's!! Lol!

Little Dominic striking his Gangnam pose!!

The most anticipated item on the itinerary was the visit to Adventure Cove on the second last day.

18 kids aged 2-14 at a waterpark! There had to be some system...

First, we marked our territory. This shallow "Seahorse Pool" was our rendezvous point and we "choped" a cabana with all our bags, much like a dog would with pee! lol!

Sis No.4 took the big kids to the big slides and even briefed them first and put a buddy system in place! Efficient leh...

I got the mid-range ones... and the littlest ones were attended to, one on one by their respective mums and kakaks! And so the fun began!

Even Kung Kung joined in the fun!
Lunch break...

Ice-cream break at our cabana... It was a terribly hot day!

Snorkeling at the artificial reef full of beautiful saltwater fish!

Best buds...

All tired and sunburnt, but happy nonetheless!

All too soon, it was time to head home. Hubby, Annie and Allyson left the night before, on a midnight flight, as Annie and Allyson had an inter-school sports meet to compete in.

So let's plan the next Chuo family invasion of Singapore eh?? ;)


I'm recovering from the worst food poisoning I've ever experienced! Thank goodness it was only one night of agony!

Yesterday afternoon I had a drink at the mamak shop next to my pharmacy, while keeping an eye on Solomon blowing soap bubbles in front of my shop.

A couple of hours later I felt horrible! It started with awful nausea, bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea... Then later at night I had low grade fever, joint pains, cold sweats and muscle aches!! The nausea was just like morning sickness! (Not one of the best feelings in the world, trust me.)

Towards morning I was going to the loo every half hour! I shall spare you the details...

Luckily I'm feeling much better now, though still a bit light headed and my stomach still feels funny. On the bright side, I might have lost some weight! ;) Though knowing my affinity for food, my appetite will most likely return with a vengeance tomorrow!

Well, this morning, Hubby found out that a friend of his experienced the same symptoms a couple of days ago, after he too had teh tarik there!

So, I'm still cursing the dirty fellows next door who most probably served me E.Coli laced teh tarik!! #%%^*
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