Tuesday, August 28, 2012

triple birthday party 2012

There was way too much food...

On Sunday, the day after the sports day, we had a birthday party for all three of them, Claire, Eva  and Solomon, at the condo poolside. We also celebrated Sis no.3's birthday as she is also an August baby.

Everything started out well, that is until the skies cracked open and the rain poured down!! So a lot of Claire's friends did not make it. I think only 6 friends out of her whole class came, and as for Eva, only 3 of the 5 friends she invited came. But it turned out that that was more than enough to keep me busy, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise?! If the whole class came, it would've been major chaos!

We put our new cotton candy machine to good use!

I thought a pasta necklace making station would keep the kids busy, but as you can see, none were interested!!!

Everyone enjoyed "Simon says"

Four cakes to cut!

The best part; opening presents!

 It sure was tiring, all the cooking and cake-decorating and child monitoring/ entertaining! But it's totally worth it when you see the kids beaming with joy! :)

Kindy sports day 2012

So the next day, on Eva's actual birthday, 4th of August, was the Kindy Sports day (more like telematch). Eva and Solomon had been practicing for their event in school for ages.

After the final rehearsal held at the main hall, Solomon told me that the teacher said they would get prizes but the teacher forgot to give it to them! Apparently he thought it was the real thing and was expecting to get his medal. Teacher obviously did not explain to them properly that it was only a rehearsal!

Well, on the actual day, many proud and eager parents crowded the hall to witness their precious little ones in action! Everyone came armed with cameras and camcorders!

Marching in..

Solomon performing to a song about colours

Solomon's bouncing event

Eva performed a robot dance...

Eva was a farmer planting carrots!

 Everyone received a medal for their excellent job! Solomon and Eva loved their very first medal and wore it the whole day!

The support team!

The kids all did a great job and were very proud of their well-deserved medals! I think the teachers were also amazing, as I could see a lot of effort was put into all the elaborate props used. Well, anyone who handles dozens of kids for a living is to be commended everyday anyway! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eva is 6!!

A week or so later, it's Eva's turn to celebrate her birthday at school. Her birthday falls on the 4th of August, but that was a Saturday, so we brought a cake to school the day before, on Friday, instead. Another classmate was also celebrating her birthday that day.

Eva loves Barbie dolls and has had a Barbie doll birthday cake or two in the past. This time she wanted a Barbie mermaid cake.

My littlest girl is 6 already! How time flies!

Happy Birthday Eva! 

Mummy and Daddy love you very much!

Claire is 7!!

 Claire turned 7 on 25th July 2012! I made a Kit Kat and M&M's cake for her and we brought it to school during lunch break, for her to share with her friends.

Claire is really a big girl now, no longer in kindy! :) She's also doing very well in school and came in first for the first semester exams. She's proud to be the class monitor just like her Jie Jie was.

Happy Birthday Claire! Mummy and Daddy love you!!

Here are some photos I saw posted on their class notice board:

 Reporting on a field trip to the State Library.

 Learning about the sense of taste. Claire brought sweet cake sprinkles of course, and I'll bet no one tried the bitter gourd!! :)

 Growing green bean sprouts for science.

kids rally 2012

So last month, we brought the kids to a Kids' Rally, organized by the church's youth group. The kids totally enjoyed themselves!

There was a lot of singing praises with fun actions to go along, and even a big bear (think Barney) who read them a story about God creating the world. It was somewhat like a High 5 concert! lol!

I must commend the youth group for putting so much effort into the event. The kids loved it and can't wait for the next one!

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