Friday, July 18, 2014

everything is made in China

So today's conversation in the car went like this:

Solomon: Mummy, is it God is everywhere?

Mummy: Yes, God is everywhere.

Solomon: Wah! So many God!

Mummy: Er... No, there is only one God and He is everywhere.

Solomon: That means one God move and talk then all the God move and talk the same?

Hmmm... How to explain ah?!

A few minutes later:

Solomon: How do China people make machines?

Mummy: Erm... I don't know, but other countries make machines too, like America and Germany. If you want to know how to make machines, you can be an engineer next time.

Solomon: Um... No, I don't want to be an engine. I want to be a fisherman.

Lol! Okay... I'm sure Daddy will be pleased to hear that! Not.

my first class

I taught my first class on Tuesday morning!!!!

So the studio manager asked if I was interested in teaching morning classes. I agreed, and told him to set the date, so that I would have a target deadline and push myself to practice. When he said, "next week", I panicked and almost chickened out! But I thought, hey, if not now then when? Dalé baby!! (Keep hearing Pitbull use this Spanish word and finally Googled it. It means 'Bring it on!' Woot!)

So I had a week to practice! I've been going for Zumba classes for around 9 months and you would think I could do it in my sleep already. Well, teaching is a totally different ball game. During classes we just follow the instructor and do not have to remember the steps. I can follow well, but am awful at remembering and anticipating the steps. 

Also, as the instructor is the mirror image of the student, I had to flip everything around! So after starting on the right for so long, I had to get used to starting on the left and doing the opposite of what I have been doing all this while! Another thing I had to incorporate into the routines, as an instructor, was giving visual cues (hand signals).

Now I know and really appreciate all the work put into every song!! The hours of practice!! When I do something, I want to make sure I do it well, so I practiced for hours everyday. When I wasn't dancing in front of the mirror, I was listening to my music playlist and visualizing!

Well, Tuesday finally came and I was so nervous! I was mostly worried about blanking out and freezing on stage! Fortunately I had wonderful friends and sisters who came to support me and I only made a couple of minor mistakes! Phew!

When I got to the cool down song I was so happy and relieved!! Home stretch!! I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat! After class, I was so flooded with relief and almost walked in front of an oncoming car! Lol!

Anyhow, I'm proud to report that I survived my first class!! Woot!

Yesterday, Thursday, I did the 8pm night class instead, to replace our instructor who was away. I wasn't as nervous anymore, but the night crowd is more advanced and thus had higher expectations, so there was a little anxiety. Also, there were more students; over 40.

However, it turned out to be a blast, with more amazing friends coming to support me and making the class noisy and so much fun!! Love you guys!!
So I should be giving regular classes from now on. Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am - 10am. Hopefully I can improve and become a rockin' ZIN!

Zumba has really changed my life! Who would've thought couch potato me would one day become a fitness instructor!! Lol! Life is full of surprises, and I like it that way!

Note: Photos are taken by Alexius Wee of Exhilarate Fitness Studio

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5km night run

So on the 12th of July, I joined my second ever run. The first one was with Sis no.2 years ago. It was supposed to be a 10km run but I only managed 5km before giving up and running to her house! Lol!

Now after months of Zumba, I'm surprised to find that 5km isn't hard for me anymore. It is still as boring though... I'ld rather Zumba anytime!

Anyway a whole group of us from Exhilarate Fitness Studio went for this 5km charity night run, so it was much more fun. Sis no.2 and Alaena also went. It was a lovely night for a run, there was a cool breeze and a huge full moon!

At the last minute, the organizers requested that we do a Zumba warm-up before the run began. It was awesome seeing almost 2000 Kuchingites join in the Zumba!

We all completed the run and went for porridge at the open-air market after. I guess I wouldn't mind doing this again! :)

Note: some of the photos were taken off FaceBook, taken by Mouger Mouger and Edwin Lay.

The event was also covered by two Chinese papers.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Zumba instructor B1 training

Last month 7 of us from Exhilarate Fitness Studio flew to Johor to take the Zumba intructor B1 training course. It is a 2-day course which upon completion, makes us licensed Zumba instructors. Our own instructor Catherine, and her hubby were so amazingly supportive and accompanied us on our Zumba adventure!

We arrived the day before and went to Legoland! It was a fun-filled day of roller coaster rides! It was time for all the mummies to be kids themselves for once!! Lol!

The rides are designed more for children, so the only ones that were suitable for us giant kids were the two roller coasters and the water slide. We were lucky that it wasn't peak season and there was little or no queue at all for most of the rides.

After a good dose of fright and laughter, the next two days were dedicated to serious business. Training was from 9am to 5pm at Paragon Fitness Gym, also under the same management as the hotel we stayed at; Hotel Grand Paragon.

The training was conducted by ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) David Velez from Colombia. He is in charge of the South East Asia region. Both days started off with a 1hr Masterclass (Zumba session), followed by intervals of sit-down theory and stand-up-and-move-your-butt practical. There was a 1hr lunch break at midday and the days ended with another shorter Masterclass.

It was extremely exhausting and I'm glad I built up my stamina by attending double Zumba classes at home everyday for a week before going to JB! The second day was more tiring as we had to do more practical and had to go on stage, taking turns to lead one by one! We were really nervous about that bit and revised our work the night before, in the hotel room. Thank goodness we had our instructor with us, as she gave us some tips and plenty of encouragement!

In the end we realized we were worried for nothing, even if we blanked out on stage, ZES David would prompt and help us. The most we might stand to suffer was embarrassment! Lol!

There were over 40 participants from all over Malaysia and Singapore. We made quite a few new Zumba friends. In one of the exercises, I partnered a girl from KK and there was a group project too. We had to choreograph the steps to a song and present it to the whole class.

On the last night of training, although thoroughly exhausted, we went for the 90 minutes non-stop Masterclass led by ZES David Velez and Malaysia's only ZJ (Zumba Jammer) Deno Au, held at the hotel ballroom. When it comes to Zumba, we have an extra, reserve store of energy which we can activate once we hear the music!!! It's simply awesome! Some of our friends also flew in just for this event!

That night we relaxed with a well-deserved foot massage, followed by some fun karaoke!

This trip was an amazing experience! We had such a great time learning and having fun in the process! I'm so glad we decided to do this and now we are all certified Zumba instructors. We are qualified to teach Zumba anywhere in the world! Isn't that awesome?!

To top off this excellent adventure, we went shopping at JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) before flying home. It's a shopper's paradise, with so many branded goods at discounted prices!!

I had a smashing time with the girls. Thank you dearies for all the craziness and memories! Thanks to mummy and daddy duck; (Cat and Alex) for escorting all the scared little ducklings! Also not forgetting the other half of our Zumba family in Kuching for all the moral support and encouragement (including the photos of shoes & feet! Lol)!

Let's do this again some time ya?! ;)

Here's the link to the fabulous video Alex took of the 90 minute masterclass on the second night:
YouTube - JB 90 min masterclass

Photos, photos, photos...

Note: These photos were taken by all of us and shared. I can't remember who took which, but as usual, the professional ones were taken by Alexius Wee, the manager of Exhilarate Fitness Studio.

getting ready

air-brushed 'tattoos'

my kind of energy bar and energy drink!

got told off for taking selfies at the runway! Lol!


being kids!

we are giants!

shopping for food and water

three to a bed

fuelling up before day 1

ready to rock 'n roll!


straight to the 1hr masterclass... no wasting time

mummy duck observing her ducklings' first day of school

with ZES David Velez


rocking the stage!

graduation! lol!

most awesome 90 min non-stop masterclass!!

all the ZINs on stage

the EFS contingent!

I am ZIN! Woohoo!!
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