Thursday, October 1, 2009

First child syndrome

The other day, a friend of mine was chiding herself for being a bad mum on her FB status. One of her friends suggested that she have herself another kid, then she wouldn't have the time to bother about being the perfect mum!

I was pondering on this statement, and as a mother of 4, I shall attest to the truth in it!

Have you ever noticed that first born children are usually a little bit more 'straight' than their later born siblings? This is because first born children have First Time Parents (FTPs).

Now, FTPs are new to the scene and are super idealistic. They want to be perfect parents and are eager to create the perfect child prodigy. They will turn their worlds upside down to ensure Junior has the best nurturing, the best milk powder, the best pre-preschool, the best toys, heck, even the best nappies and potties to poop in! FTPs harbour secret dreams of Junior becoming the next Yo-Yo Ma, Einstein or Ian Thorpe, or even better, all three rolled into one! (Yes, we were all there before.. don't deny it...)

I of course was an FTP myself. Way back then, when my No.1 did something wrong, I sat down with her patiently and we discussed what she did wrong. Then I would explain to her why she should not do it again and maybe even tell her an Aesop's Fable or two. Then I would hug and kiss the remorse away from her poor little sad face... sweet...

Then I had kid No.2 and things went more or less like this:

Kid No.1: Mum!! Claire hit me!!

Mum: Claire, you cannot hit jiejie. That is wrong. God teach us to love one another. Do you love your sister?

Claire: *sniff sniff* *nods*

Mum: Promise not to hit your sister again okay?

Claire: *sniff sniff* *nods*

Mum: Good girl. *hug*

Then along came kid No.3:

Kid No.2: Mummy!! Eva bite my stomach!!

Mum: Eva, cannot do that. Say sorry to jiejie.

Eva: Sorry Claire Ng Bum Bum *skips away happily*

Kid No.2: Mummy!! Eva call me Claire Ng Bum Bum!!
Mum: *pretends not to hear*

And then I had 4 kids:

Altogether now (kids 1 to 3): Mummy!! Solomon snatch my doll!! Mummy!! Solomon pull my hair!! Mummy!! Solomon bite my foot!!

Mum: Solomon! Naughty boy!

*gives compulsory stern look*

Now you all go away, mummy got a lot of work to do...

*continues playing Pet Society*

(Boy am I glad I'm no.5 in my family! heheheh...)


  1. Oh my ! That is so true! Four kids is really a handful! LOL
    I am no. 1 in the family, by the way, hehehe

  2. Can't agree more. hahaha I'm edi using tactic #3 n #4 altho I hv oni 2 kids. *hide face* Btw, u've got 4 beautiful kids.

  3. Wow your 3 princess very sweet + cute & your prince is a handsome boy..btw thanks for visiting my blog..^-^..

  4. Hi, You have 4 beautiful angels. I'm No. 4 in my family. :)

  5. Nice post! I'm still at #1, so she gets all my attention. I think I should target for #4 tactic ;)

  6. Hi Joyce! You must be a high achiever then right? :)
    Slavemom.. Thanks! I love your blog and username!
    Mummy Ryan thanks! You've got a cute little lucky boy too!
    Mummy Gwen.. Thanks. Happy Birthday and Anniversary too!
    Adrine.. no.. enjoy your time with Elyssa.. she's so lucky to have mummy all to herself!:)

  7. hahaha.. 4 kids n a pet to take care of..

  8. Ya lucky my pet got nice fren always give her furniture!! hahaha!


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