Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Do you remember the Korean neighbour I mentioned in my older blog? The one who kept complaining about our renovation noise?

Well, the day after we moved in, I was carrying Solomon and looking out the window. Our play room window overlooked her balcony and I saw her maid putting out clothes to dry. I was shocked to see her withdrawn face was blue black and strained to see if they were injuries or perhaps birthmarks.

Straight away, I asked Hubby to come and have a look. Our window was rather close to their balcony, and I'm pretty sure you could see us peeping from there, but she seemed not to care and was totally emotionless. Hubby also thought they looked like injuries, but we were not 100% sure of anything yet.

Later, I asked my maid if she had seen the maid next door. She said no, and I told her what I saw. She was aghast and immediately told me she heard her screaming and there was also someone shouting in Korean about a week ago when she was cleaning our new place. (She has also worked for a Korean family in the past.)

I guess this strengthened our theory that the maid was being abused, what more with the aggressive nature of the lady, which we have experienced ourselves. I was deliberating on what to do. We couldn't leave a fellow human being to be abused like that, yet I didn't want to cause too much trouble. She could end up in jail and she had two primary-school aged children to take care of (her husband is abroad). Also, if she found out we reported her, she might just go crazy and harm my family or something!

Hubby was more decisive and insisted straight away that we inform the Indonesian embassy. That night, when we came home, there were police cars outside. When we reached our floor, there were quite a few policemen outside the lift with the maid and the lady. She was aggressive even with the police! She was shouting at them and pushing the officers!! She was seriously one tough nut!

I hurriedly brought the kids inside and closed the door. I saw her children looking on from the corridor with another Korean family and one of them were crying and I felt some guilt and sympathy for the kids. My maid saw the state that the other maid was in and was so shocked she looked like she was going to cry.

I knew then that we did the right thing. It is our responsibility to uphold the basic rights of our fellow homo sapiens and we have to be strong and decisive when the oppressed are in need. After all, we claim to be such civillized creatures! *sigh* Yet we can treat another human like an animal just because he/she is different in race, culture and/or religion!

So anyway, we found out later from newspaper reports that she was indeed abused and sometimes not fed, and if so was given rancid food. The important thing is that she has been taken away and is now safe and sound. We do not know what will happen to the Korean lady after this. I suppose she deserves the penalty, but I hope it will not be too harsh, for her children's sake.

I also really hope she doesn't stumble across my blog!! :)

Anyway, just knowing we helped the girl (she is only 19) makes me feel better. Here's a pic of her in an online paper. (Imagine it was your own daughter! I'd go beat the lady up myself!)


  1. That's too much.......poor maid. Lucky now she is in the save place.

  2. Hi Priscilla, Holy Smoke! I cannot believe there are such human beings around!
    You and hubby did the right thing. You saved her.
    Gosh, to think someone from another country trying to earn a living being abused like that.
    Here, the people involved will spend time in jail.

    And yes, I do feel sad and sorry for their kids, is the maid who was being abused.
    Good for you guys. The World needs more people like you.
    If it was the husband who did the damage, I'd love to meet him and return the same favour. Never like these kind of so called human beings.
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. Hi MeRy and Uncle Lee,

    Ya, it's so disturbing to know there are evil people like this around, and so close to us, in our community.

    Ya Uncle Lee, I think she might go to jail here also. Another case in KL or was it Penang a few years ago got a lot of media coverage. The lady was sentenced to 4 yrs imprisonment.

    It's really sad that they pick on the weak and helpless. I mean if you choose to fight with another person who is your equal, fine, that is your problem. But this is too much.

  4. Hi Priscilla, glad to hear the neighbour will be getting her own punishment.
    It is wrong to ill treat anyone, rich or poor, especially the poor.
    Hope the maid will find a good employer and be happy. Poor thing. She must have suffered badly.
    You did well, Priscilla. How's the beautiful gang at home?
    Have a pleasant weekend....stay beautiful, Lee.

  5. that's terrible ... "do not do unto others what you wish other not do unto you" ... good on both of you that you didnt ignore this!
    sigh, hope everyone learns a lesson from this

  6. Hi Pegs n Uncle Lee..
    Latest news is they've fled back to Korea. So I supposed she escaped her penalty. I don't know if she'll be able to come back though. Don't know how these things work.
    Anyways, have a wonderful day guys!

  7. Hi Priscilla, you busy? Blog battery low? Ha ha. Lee.

  8. The 19 yr-old girl is vy lucky u moved in next door. If not, wonder how long she'd hv to suffer. *shake head*


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