Monday, October 13, 2014

kindy sports

Solomon had his kindy sports carnival a couple of months ago. This is his last kindy sports event before he goes to primary school next year!

It was nice to see all the children perform dances and participate in games. They had practiced a long time for this event and all did very well.

The best part was when every one of them were rewarded with a gold medal! They were all beaming with pride!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Gosh! It has been a crazy couple of months! So many things have happened. I haven't much time to blog, so will try to briefly fill in the blanks here.

Met up with Lodge ex-classmates. Note how boys will be boys...
Old folks attempting a groupie!
These guys were such great sports! They woke up early the next day to join me at Zumba!
Annie had friends over to prepare a surprise farewell party for a classmate.
Teenagers strewn across the living room.
Two batches of homemade brownies by the kids.
Loom band craze
That's a chick
Annie and Ally participating in the Kuching Day parade. 
Moon cake festival at Holy Trinity Church.
Fun at the park. Annie was in Sibu for a netball match.
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