Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Singapore 2012

So we went to Singapore last week. Nope, it wasn't a school holiday, we let the kids 'ponteng' (skive) 2 days of school!


I booked the air tickets ages ago, almost a year ago I think. They were cheap Air Asia tickets. It cost only RM1000++ for the whole family to and fro. Air tickets are obviously more expensive on school holidays, and also I do not like jostling with crowds during peak periods.

Anyway, the kids had been looking forward to this trip for eons! This is only Solomon's second time on a plane, and his first trip out of the country. So I brought him to make his very first passport and he was so proud and excited.

Dinner at Great World City

The best part of going to Singapore is meeting the other half of my family who live there. The kids got to spend time with their cousins, while Kung Kung got to spend time with his grandsons!

At Ah Bi Ee Ee's house

At Ta Ee's house

 We were there for 4 days and 3 night, so essentially we had only 2 full days, and those were spent at Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo.

We had a view of the sea with huge ships (much to Solomon's delight) and the beautiful rising sun.

We stayed at the huge and gorgeous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, on the 32nd floor. The kids wanted to have a swim at the hotel pool on the 57th  floor, but we never had the time to spare! It was a whirlwind weekend indeed! We did manage to go up and see the magnificent night view of Singapore though.

Sky Park on the 57th floor

Breakfast at the hotel was yummy, with smoked salmon and all...

Annie and Claire got to sleepover at Ah Bi Ee Ee's house with Kung Kung for a night. After that, cousins Bryan and Ethan had school.

This is how you squeeze 4 kids into a room! lol!

One of the highlights of the trip was the train rides!! :) The MRT might be boring for Singaporeans, but for kids from Kuching, a small town with nary a train in sight, it was an adventure!! They were so fascinated, they didn't even want to sit down!

Will blog about Universal Studios and the zoo in the next post!

Ciao! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

overhead projector

So I've been to stationery shops a few times to find those transparent A4 plastic sheets, either for my own use, or for Annie's school projects.

Every time I ask for transparency sheets, the young sales girls give me that blank, crickets-chirping-in-the-brain look. Only when I say plastic sheets which people use as covers for book binding, does the light bulb come on and they lead me to the correct aisle!

It has finally dawned on me why this is so. I think that these girls most probably have never seen an overhead projector and thus have no idea what a transparency sheet is! In this era of Power Point, I think the OHP has become extinct!!

Do they still use OHP's in school??? I know they don't in my kids' school...

I feel pretty old right about now.... a dinosaur using extinct words... lol!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today is a public holiday... Agong's coronation day or something along that line. 

Heh.. no, I 'm obviously not overly patriotic!

Well, I decided to open shop today, since sales hasn't been that great these past week or two. My key staff has gone off on a 2 month maternity leave and customers keep complaining I am never at the shop. Also we are going to Singapore for a holiday in a few days time so I won't be showing my face at the shop for a while then.

Due to the reasons above, here I am at the shop watching the clock tick in super slow motion. It reminds me of being in school; when time moved at flowing magma speed....

Kids are all safely tucked away at Kung Kung's house and it's just me and the shop and the radio and the slow mo clock....

I haven't done this in a long time... work proper working hours.... I'm so bored... It's too quiet.... I'm too used to 4 kids in my hair...

Thank goodness I have my laptop... I have like 15 tabs open on Firefox... mindless surfing...

*light bulb*

I should stream Grey's Anatomy! Yes!

Okay, seeyoubye!
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