Friday, February 1, 2013

Retreat, Lundu

 So after Christmas, the whole lot of us went to Retreat, a seaside resort in Lundu owned by the Sarawak Bank Employees Union. It is a wonderful place, having been recently refurbished and extended, it is clean and well-equipped. The only downside to the place was the sandflies!!!! The poor kids came back with multiple, extremely itchy bites! The adults had some too, but the kids had the most because they were out on the beach for longer.

Anyways, it started with our convoy of 5 cars....

Altogether, there were 17 kids, 11 adults, plus 4 kakaks (helpers)! We booked the chalet, which was lovely. It has 3 rooms, a kitchen and dining and seating area. Not to mention a patio with barbecue facilities! One of the rooms had a jacuzzi which was unfortunately not working though...

So we started the journey and reached Lundu town after around an hour? We stopped at the market for lunch, then went on for another 20 minutes to reach the resort.

We even had time for a 'photo-shoot'! lol!

When we reached the resort, the kids were so incredibly happy to see the 'hotel' standard of the resort! After the last trip to Lundu's Ocean Resort, they were expecting similar run-down bungalows with no televisions and antique air-conditioners!!

 Free child labour... we brought so much food etc.. it was like moving house....

The largest bedroom. There are two bedrooms downstairs, and another in the attic.

The kitchen and dining area..

There are three pools... a shallow one with fountains, a larger, deeper pool and another one with a fun slide.

The kids of course had fun on the beach; digging holes in the sand and jumping waves. We did not allow them to go far, as it was monsoon season and the current was very strong. A few days later, there was a tragic accident near where we were. On a church trip, 3 people drowned, and one of them was Sis no.3's neighbour's father. It was very sad and scary.

Barbeque dinner on the patio..

Bo su cho....

 What is it with men and their caveman instinct driven love for fires??!! Lol!

Well, at least the fire was useful, the kids could roast marshmallows over it and it helped keep the mozzies away some...

 Dad with the huge clam Sis no.2 found and boiled for him!

In case you were wondering how we fit so many kids and  so much luggage in a car, here's how; just dump a kid or two at the back on top of the cargo! :)

It was a fun getaway! It's always nice to spend time with the cousins!

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