Monday, September 26, 2011

Ocean Resort, Lundu

Grandpas chillin' out!
Three weeks ago, there was a week of school break which coincided with our national day and Hari Raya. We decided to go for a beach stay over. We went with Sis no.3 and family. Sis no.2 had to cancel last minute cause of the awful virus that we passed to her!! Sorry! :)

Anyway, we've always been going to Damai Beach or Damai Puri Resort, which are hotel resorts. This time we thought we should go somewhere else for a change. There aren't many choices here, and in the end we decided to go to Ocean Resort at Lundu. Dad had just been there for a trip with the residents of his current pet charity project, "Home of Peace", an old folk's home.

Well, Ocean Resort is around an hour's drive away from Kuching. It's a more rough and tumble kind of resort, definitely not hotel standard, but still clean and well-equipped nonetheless. A bungalow with two bedrooms and a sitting room and kitchen costs RM220 a night (RM280 on public holidays). They also have barbecue pits in front of the bungalows and the beach is just a stone's throw away.

When we got there and the kids found out that there were only two small air conditioners in the bedrooms only and no tv, they wanted to go home!! Hahahaha...

But after the first day of sea and sand and barbecues and bonfires, Annie decided that she liked it more than Damai! (Though Eva still insists we go to Damai next time, as she doesn't even like grass!)

On the second night, there was a blackout, and luckily we had a bonfire going right in front of the bungalow. We also had lanterns, as it was mooncake festival the next week. So the power outage was kind of fun, as  the kids got to play with fire!! Eva and Solomon were a bit scared though. It only lasted a while, so we still had air conditioning in time for bedtime, thank goodness!

Another highlight of the trip was the DURIAN!! There were plenty of durians everywhere, at the Lundu market and selling along the roads. We saw vans full to the ceiling with durians!! They were selling much cheaper than in Kuching. Hubby had just bought durians in Kuching for RM18 each, and they were selling at RM6 at Lundu! And they were even nicer! (though of course not as nice as our very own Poh Kwong Park ones!)

So everyone had their fill of durians and satisfied their cravings! :)

Here are the photos then...

Got fish??!

beach footy..

Building shelter from the midday sun!!

Lifeguard on duty

Kung Kung loves the sea

Everyone had a blast

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