Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 year-end happenings

I'm at the mechanic... Killing time while waiting for them to fix my car air-conditioner. The fan and magnet something needs to be changed and it will take an hour and a half! And I forgot my book! So let's clear out all the miscellaneous photos in my phone...

Here are cousins Bryan and Ethan in Singapore. They decorated a cake for their Daddy's 40th birthday!

These three always play "Mummy, Daddy and Baby"! Here they are pretend-baking the biskut tambun sis bought from Penang!

Asa turned 5 years old in November!

The kids went to claim free cups of Boost Juice at City One mall! That day's challenge was to bring a teddy bear bigger than the cup! Oh, and the teddy bear had to do the ordering! We have plenty of teddy bears; big and small, so this challenge was right up our alley!!

Thank you cupcakes for the teachers for the end-of-school party!

The kids decorated some gingerbread men and gingerbread Christmas trees.

I met up with some old St. Teresa pals at Cloud 99 which is owned by one of our ex-classmates.

My very first attempt at eggs Benedict. Not too shabby... Though I had to dump the first batch of Hollandaise sauce!

Holiday project: Bought some fabric markers for the kids to decorate some cheap canvas shoes.

Happy feet!!

Playing with the big boat Asa got for her birthday!

Hubby's cousin Fr. Richard was promoted to bishop of Miri! Wow! So we celebrated that and also Hubby's birthday!

FYI: It's cake, not pizza ;)

Celebrated Hubby's birthday again on the actual day at a Korean restaurant.

Cousin Athena delivered a gorgeous new baby! A little sister for Garnet, named Gwendolyn!

Discovered some selfies Solomon took using my phone! Lol

Sis no.4 and family went the the beautiful Maldives!

Christmas shopping...

More shopping...

Kung kung and Sis no.3's family shopping in KL after a trip to Krabi.

 This is what happens to men when women shop too long!

Making rubber band bracelets. It's very happening in US but I couldn't find it here. Finally managed to buy the starter kit consisting of looms and bands from Ali express online.

Baking Christmas cookies to give out to teachers, family and friends.

Streaking my hair magenta red!!

Decorating gingerbread men cookies at the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

Little Justin was shy at first but warmed up after we brought out the toy robot Cousin Hughie donated.

I got me a new Baby-G! My old one dieded beyond repair!

Cousin Dominic is so adorable!

We celebrated Popo's birthday at Beccari, Merdeka Palace Hotel.

This is the antipasto platter that I am very sure gave Hubby, SIL and me food poisoning!

I wrote a letter to the management and they replied promptly with apologies, though not admitting to any wrong-doing. I accepted that that was pretty much all they could do and moved on, but then I came across this written by their 'Executive Chef' on FB!!

This really made my blood boil!!! So I posted it on FB for all to see and also sent it to the management. Pretty soon, the resident manager contacted me. Other people also contacted me to tell me this guy was infamous and hated by all who have ever worked with him! Anyway the manager met up with me personally and offered a meal on the house whenever we were free. Told him would let him know, but don't plan to get poisoned again! Heh.

Anyway, moving on...

Cousin Marc fetching water from a water truck! A burst pipe somewhere meant no water for their house!

Solomon and I brought Cousin Hughie for his first dental check up by our family dentist. He was a bit scared but was brave and the check up took only a couple of minutes!

Okay! Next up is Christmas!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

School 2014

First day of school for the year 2014 went well! I was half-expecting Solomon to cry, but he didn't! He was happy to see his best friend Ezzad!

Annie, Claire and Eva were also fine, since they are pretty much veterans at this schooling gig! Lol!

Meanwhile, I've started my part-time job at a veterinary supplies company. Going in two mornings a week.

So everything is still pretty new and the daily schedules and school runs are not working like clock-work yet. Give me another week or two and I think we will be back to working like clockwork!

Right now it's a bit hectic, so will write about the year-end holidays some other time. 

Happy schooling kids!
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