Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We were walking at the basement car park when Solomon stopped suddenly and pointed to the ground.

"Hey! That's a mississippi! "

Three guesses...

P/S: there was once he spotted a Monica lizard. 

magic wipes

So there was this one time, I was out sending Annie to one of her activities when Claire phoned me. There was an urgency in her voice and also wailing in the background so I knew something was up. 

She told me that Eva had been playing with Solomon until his tooth came out!
My first question was, "Was it a shaky tooth?" 

She repeated my question aloud and it was replied with even louder wailing! 

Then I asked if there was a lot of blood and whether it was still bleeding. She confirmed that there was not much bleeding and I instructed her to get Solomon to bite down on a towel if the bleeding wouldn't stop. 

Later on when I got home, I got the whole story. This is what went down:

Solomon and Eva were playing with a piece of wet wipe. (FYI: yes, we do buy them toys) They were pulling at it and were terribly amazed that it was so strong, it would not tear! 

So Eva came up with a bright idea and said to Solomon,  "You bite the wet wipes and I pull!" 

He then proceeded to lie down on the floor with the wet wipe clenched firmly between his teeth and Eva of course pulled. 

... and you know the rest...
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