Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 year-end holidays

Year-end holidays are always the best! Being the longest school holiday, it is equivalent to the summer holidays in western countries! So kids can play endlessly ala Phineas and Pherb!!

The mummy conundrum is this: We love the holidays, for we no longer have to wake up at a God-forsaken hour! ... for about 5 days... Then, being stuck to us 24/7, the kids inevitably begin to drive us up the wall, and we start missing the glorious few hours of peace in the mornings when we handed our kids over to those warriors they call 'teachers'.

Anyhoo... a short summary of the holiday activities in pictorial form! :-

Everyone got super tanned from intensive swimming lessons (almost every weekday).

Brought ten kids to Kidz Paradise, a newly opened play area at The Spring.

Forced child labour: Spring cleaning at Kung Kung's house

 We set up the Christmas tree and Solomon insisted on sleeping next to the tree in the sitting room  to guard his present till Christmas!! It lasted 2 nights....

 Hubby brought us fishing. Solomon caught the first fish and he is hooked! He can sit patiently for an hour waiting for a bite. The second time we went, he cried when we had to go home, because he had not caught any fish!

Annie was next to get a bite...

Claire too...

Eva was the only one who caught a fish on the second trip.

Cousin Hughie came for a long stay all by himself, at HQ (Kung Kung and Popo's)! He preferred chasing chickens to fishing though! lol!

For 2 weekends, we ran a Christmas Bazaar stall at Green Heights malll... selling sweet goodies! The bigger kids took shifts ;)

We celebrated Popo's birthday at Sarawak Club.

Packed 600 gifts (stationery and snacks sponsored by the Lions Club and other generous individuals) with cousins Bryan and Ethan from Singapore!

We drove almost 2 hours to the border to give out the gift packs we packaged, to the children at a church Christmas party. Hubby was not around so it was the first time I drove long distance! Usually I'm "zzzzzzzz"ing at the passenger seat while Hubby drives! hehe... Coffee helped...

We went to Fairy Cave in Bau to try rock climbing. Most of the kids ventured into the cave while waiting for the pro climbers from aSEND to come. It was dark and wet inside, with bats and guano, and we did not think to bring torches! After Solomon came out, I heard him chatting with Asa (both are 4yo and its amusing to listen to them chat!) who did not go in.

Asa:          Scary or not?
Solomon:  Ya, so scary! Got waterfall also!

"Waterfall" being the water dripping from the stalactites/ stalagmites (?? I always get those two mixed up...) lol!

Briefing before climb..

Annie and Alaena on the rocks. Alaena has been before so was the most pro!

Solomon was all strapped up and ready to go, but changed his mind when he saw Annie jie jie's bloody, scraped knee!

 Even Eva had a go! I think Michelle, Marc and Allyson went as well!

Baking chocolate chip cookies....


Okay this is getting a bit long... I did mention it was a whirlwind of activities! This is already the simplified version, and I'm not done!

I shall continue with 'The countdown to Christmas" in the next post!

Goodnight y'all!!

New year 2013!

Phew!! I don't know where to start!! It's been a month since my last post! Life has been a whirlwind of activities so I haven't had the time nor energy to even open my notebook!

First, here's a belated "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!! Love and happiness all around!"

Anyway, I shall slowly, slowly digest the many megabytes of photos I have accumulated and methodically regurgitate selected bite-sized pieces to blog about... else I will be overwhelmed and give up on this blog!

Alright... off to chew on my photos.... be back soon!

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