Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2014 academic year

Erm... yeah... I am aware that it is now February 2015! Heh.

On top of family duties, I have been inundated with Zumba activities of all kinds and am usually so physically tired afterwards that all I do is eat and sleep!! Lol

So let's get things up to date shall we?

2014 was another good academic year. All the kids performed well and Mummy and Daddy are as proud as always!

First off, Solomon has graduated from kindergarten! He was a very proud and happy little boy when he walked on stage to accept his certificate!

His graduation portrait is now hanging on the wall at Kung Kung's house with the rest!

The kids also received their Kumon achievement medals. This was Solomon's first Kumon medal so he was ecstatic! It is Annie's last medal as she has stopped Kumon. Claire also received a book, the classic; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". She has followed the program for many years and has learnt so much. It is now time for her to focus on other subjects and continue self-learning for her mathematics.

This year Eva came in first in her class again!

Annie and Claire also did amazingly well by getting second position in class.

Well done all of you! Your hard work has paid off!

Now they're all into the new school year of 2015! Solomon has joined his sisters in "big children school"! No more kindy in my bus route!

Solomon has settled well into his new school and in the first week was delightfully overwhelmed by the selection of food at the canteen and wanted to buy everything! Lol!

Solomon getting his new 'big boy uniform' at the tailor.

School was meant to start at the first week of the year, but due to bad flooding in West Malaysia, some schools started a week later.

Here are all the first-day-of-school pics. Let's hope for another great year ahead!

Rise and shine!!

Waking up early for first day of school after sleeping in for 2 glorious months!

Consequences of waking up early!

First day at school! :(

Up before the sun!

Also first day at primary school for cousin Asa

First day at secondary!

Prefect this year! ;)
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