Friday, March 30, 2012

80's flashback- cartoon characters!

So after the 80's music flashback post, I remembered I did an album of 80's cartoon pics once on my Facebook account. Remember there was a time when, I forgot which organization, urged us to use a cartoon character of our childhood as our profile pic? For some "Children's Day" or whatever cause. In the end it turned out that it was actually prompted by some paedophile group to ascertain FB users' age!

Well anyway, that aside... I wanted to put this album on my blog so when I'm old and grey and bugged out of my mind trying to remember the name of a cartoon I used to watch, I can refer to this blog, which I hope will still be alive! Actually, the way my memory is going, I don't think I have to wait till I'm old and grey even!

I also want to do one of t.v. sitcoms which we used to watch! And maybe even video games eh?! Hahaha... yes, I might complain about my kids watching too much t.v., but apparently I wasn't any better at their age! We're all the same, just that RTM has been replaced with Astro and Nintendo by Wii!!

Okay, so I'll post the photos and you try to guess the names of the cartoon show/ character. I'll put the answers waaaay down at the bottom!

Have fun guessing!!
































If you are around my age, these photos bring you  back to an amazing, happy, carefree time of your life don't they??

1. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs of the sky
2. Clementine (the French orphan)
3. Pink Panther
4. Fat Albert
5. Snorks
6. Smurfs
7. Captain Planet
8. Woody Wood Pecker
9. Centurions, Power Extreme
10. Ghost busters
11. Inspector Gadget
12. He Man
13. The Archies
14. Top Cat
15. Little Lulu
16. Transformers
17. Road Runner
18. Richie Rich
19. Alvin and the Chipmunks
20. Heathcliff the cat
21. G Force? I think...
22. Sailormoon
23. Tintin
24. The Jetsons
25. Popeye
26. Babar
27. Voltron
28. Jem and the Holograms
29. Care Bears
30. Thundercats
30. The Flintstones

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sports Day 2012

So Annie and Claire had their Sports Day ages ago (read I can't remember when!), I think some time last month....

Well anyway, Annie took part in the 200m sprint, 4 x 200m relay and 4 x 100m relay I think. Oh my goodness, my memory is seriously in decline!!!

Claire was in the smallest age group, so they only had one event, the 50m sprint.

Though they did not win any medals, they trained hard, tried their best, and won points for their house, Purple House. In the end, their house was the overall winner and the girls were extremely proud!

I love the team spirit that comes with sports events. I can remember the school sports days and softball matches of my time (how I miss sliding in the mud and grass!). It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling (especially if you or your team wins!!) which I hope for my kids to experience as well. So I will encourage them in sports as much as academics.

Monday, March 5, 2012

*Ka-bang!* ... again...

So my car went *Ka-bang!* again last Sunday!


Okay, so I exaggerate, it kinda sorta went *bonk* only... but that was bad enough...

I was sending the girls for ballet class... on a rainy Sunday mind you, the day of rest, at 8:15am, so forgive me for the negative aura I must've been carrying around, since my heart was still in my warm bed!

Well, I was using the road coming out of  101, heading towards the main road with all the flyover construction crap going on. It had just started raining and when I reached the junction, I slowed down and stepped on the brakes but they just didn't work! I must've skidded on loose gravel and was helpless as my car just kept on going and hit the car in front!

Luckily the Malay lady in front was very nice and we just exchanged numbers and she told me to go ahead and send the kids for class and we could contact each other later on. It was also raining and we were both standing in the rain, too jittery to remember umbrellas!!

her car

In the end we paid RM750 for their damages and we brought my poor old car to a relative who did it up in 2 days and only charged RM350!

my car

In my defense, I think the contractors doing  the flyover are to blame for my misfortune (especially since I am in actual fact such an excellent driver!! Heheehe) ! They do not keep the roads in proper, safe conditions and plenty of accidents and even deaths have occurred since they started work. The area is not lit up at night and they rarely clean the debris and dust off the roads.

If I had Franklin & Bash (super cool lawyers on Fox TV) as my defense attorneys, I bet I could sue the pants off the contractors! Hahahaha...
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