Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drug pusher

It is 8:30am and I am already at the shop as we are short-staffed today.


All the kids went for a lantern party last night and daddy also finally came home from Bintulu. Therefore, everyone went to bed rather late.

About last night:
Kid no.1 had a nose bleed.
Kid no.2 wet her bed.
Kid no.3 ran a mild fever.
Kid no.4 woke up for milk 3 times (as usual) and then decided he had had enough sleep at 5:30am!

I am therefore present with bloodshot eyes and must warn you that I get wonky when I go without my minimum requirement of 8 hours sleep.

Now, this is not a very good situation in my line of work.

Let's imagine I'm pushing a packet of pills towards a customer:

Me: Take these... These are gooooood...
*nods earnestly with bloodshot eyes and slightly-crazed grin*

Customer: Uh huh... erm... okay...
*nervous chuckle*

You know what? I think I'm actually feeling better already. So, uh, maybe I'll just, uh, mosey on home and take some vitamin C? Yeah, thanks anyway. Bye.
*quickly shuffles out the door*

Yup, not good for business at all...

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