Thursday, May 26, 2011

Annie and Allyson's birthday party

So the deal was this:

Annie wanted a birthday party, with her classmates invited. I suggested that she just go for a movie with a couple of best friends, but she did have her heart set on a party at the condo.

So I said that if Sidekick did in fact, return from her 'holiday' back in Indonesia, we could have the party. If however, she did not return, I didn't think I could handle a party with a dozen or so hyperactive pre-teens. Moreover, it was to be a pool party, and I would have to work extra hard in keeping tabs on each and everyone of them!

What happened was, of course, Sidekick did not return. The good thing though, is that two days later, we got New Sidekick!! So, I granted Annie her wish for a birthday party. Though I told her she could only invite 15 of her classmates and not her whole class of 20+!

I supposed this would most probably be one of her last pool parties, as she may soon turn into a moody teenager who thinks pool parties are 'lame' and 'for babies'!! hahaha...

So anyway, on Sunday, we had the party at the condo poolside. It was a combination party, for both Annie and cousin Allyson, as their birthdays are only 6 days apart. It was a tiring day, but it was worth all the effort to see the children so happy! Annie loved having her friends over and of course enjoyed the many gifts her friends brought as well as the ang pows from family!

So here are the photos:

water balloons!

pool fun

family and friends

too much food as usual

Annie and Allyson decorated the cake with green fondant flowers by themselves!
Happy Birthday girls!! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Annie is 10!!

Today is Friday, 20th May, 2011.

Annie turns 10 years old today!!

That's two whole digits!! My little girl is turning 10! I'll have a teenager on my hands soon! :)

Happy Birthday darling! Mummy loves you! *kiss*

wedding, teacher's day and creme brulee

So I haven't blogged for a while, cause I've been busy being Grumpy Housewife...

I salute all you full-time mothers out there!! 


This is something I cannot do! Well, can do, but wouldn't want to do... I like a healthy balance of a bit of work, a bit of home, a bit of kids and a bit of social life please... thankyouverymuch...

So anyway, I had a welcome break from housewifing the other night when we let the kids sleepover at Headquarters, a.k.a. Grandad's, for a night, while we went to Hubby's friend's wedding dinner.

Hubby's ex-schoolmate Adrian got married to Christine last Saturday. Hubby went for the wedding ceremony which he described as lovely and very well-organized. (extra points for air-conditioning in the church, in view of this terrible heat spell we are experiencing!). I however, was busy ferrying the kids to Taekwondo classes and Headquarters.

photo taken by Sally

The wedding reception was held that night at Riverside Hotel. Hubby, along with best buddies Kelvin and Alexis were tasked with 'being the groom's liver'! :) Meaning... they went on stage to make the toast and also went around to every table with the wedding entourage to 'yamseng' (toast/ drink themselves silly)!

Hmmm.... what does that say about Hubby and his friends, being singled out for undertakings concerning alcohol?? Hahaha...

Anyway, the dinner was followed by even more drinks and dancing at Backstage. Hubby and I left earlier (cause we had to send some guests home), about the same time the groom left after being incapacitated by a Flaming Lamborghini! The bride is seriously sporting to have let her man go out with his buddies on their wedding night!!

Okay, fast forward to today...

The girls celebrated Teacher's day at school today. They had class parties and school let out earlier. The kids were supposed to bring, I quote, "a dish of home-cooked food to share with their friends".

My kids brought Pringles.

I had no time (read; was not bothered) to make something like sandwiches which the kids would unfailingly bring home again half-uneaten! Pringles never fail... Once you pop, you cannot stop, eh? :)

I did however, make little bouquets of flowers for them to give to their teachers, since I am so sincerely grateful for these fearless warriors whom they call teachers, who take our kids off our hand for hours each day!

Thank you... no, really... THANK YOU!!

And as for creme brulee??

Well, I had it for the first time today, and I never imagined it was so heavenly creamy!! I had always imagined it to be more jelly-custard-like! But oh, the silky creaminess in contrast with the occasional gorgeous crunch of burnt caramel!! I'm in love!!  *dreamy*


Okay, enough for today....

New Sidekick!

I got a new Sidekick!! Yay!!

God is great! He knew I was desperate! :)

Well, apparently all Indonesian work visas are frozen until further notice, so all the agents I called did not have anyone "in stock" per say. Luckily there was a Filipino lady who was in between jobs. She is a little 'mature', 47 to be exact, but as I said, I was desperate!! :)

So I tried her out for a day and she cleans really well!! Spic and span and does not ignore spots which cannot be seen, like on top of shelves or behind cabinets!!  


Now we're  hoping her work visa will not be a problem, as they usually do not approve job permits for applicants above 45 years of age. So, we have to pay more to 'lubricate' proceedings at the immigration department.

So far, this is the most expensive Sidekick, with expensive agent fee and highest salary! But I'll pay, I'll pay, I will!! (more accurately, Hubby will pay, as I am an extremely grumpy housewife!!) hehehe...

Thus, my life is slowly getting back on track. I'll just have to train New Sidekick to get into the flow of our daily havoc.

Things are looking up...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sidekick AWOL

So, Sidekick was supposed to come back yesterday. I bought her return air tickets, paid her a full 2 years salary even though she had another 2 months to go, paid for another year's levy and insurance, and she did not turn up!

She was supposed to arrive yesterday afternoon, but we found out that she never boarded the plane from Bandung to KL.

I am very disappointed and angry. She could have just told us she did not want to continue, then I could have prepared and gotten a replacement earlier. Instead, she chose to lie to us and make us wait a whole 2 weeks before we realized she was not returning. And now we have to wait some more, while the maid agents arrange for a replacement. It might take a few more weeks...

Time and again, I am disappointed by these maids. We tend to think too highly of them and they eventually let us down. I never even bothered to check her luggage, as I trusted her and also did not retain part of her salary (usually the amount incurred for the next year's levy) to ensure her return.


I guess I'll be taking a break from blogging and caking, and even work will have to take a back seat...

So, here's goodbye for now!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all you super Supermums out there!!

My Mother's day was another usual Sunday full of kids' extra curricular activities, but the only difference was I was the only adult in the house. Sidekick, as you know, is back home in Indonesia for 2 whole weeks, and Hubby left for Bintulu for work on Saturday.


So it's just me and the kids for a whole week...

I can do it! Yes I can! I'm Supermum!!!!  *insert fanfare*
(need to prep talk myself everyday before I slip into depression or insanity!!)

Anyways, I really feel for those single parents out there. I mean, even when Hubby's home, he's usually busy with other things, but it just helps to have someone there; a partner in crime. Someone to complain to when the day is done, you know?

Well, anyway, on the bright side, I got some lovely Mother's Day gifts from my lovely little monsters...

A first from sweet little Solomon

Annie, Claire and Eva made these at art class. Don't I look pretty?? :)

More treasures Claire and Eva made in school :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 5 sans Sidekick

Sidekick has been gone for 5 days now. Good news is; I'm still alive! A little frazzled, but still alive nonetheless!

Well, it's of course more work for me, but it is doable and we all just need to adjust. I cannot pay much attention to the shop now though, so that has to suffer. Something's got to give right?

I am keeping the house clean, cooking meals and attending to the kids, on top of the usual bus driving. However, I draw the line at ironing. I. Hate. Ironing.

Lucky for me, there's a laundromat a few doors down from my shop! :)

I do pray Sidekick will come back, unlike Sis no.2's maid who said she would be back and never returned, even though she agreed to return and Sis no.2 had already paid for her next year's levy!

There is a good side to this whole situation though. I've trained the kids to be more independent. The girls can bathe and change by themselves and even help me with folding the laundry. Annie helps the most by taking care of Solomon and washing the dishes. When Sidekick is around, she is too dependent on her, but now, she is a great help indeed!

Well, that said... I still hope Sidekick comes back soon!!! 10 more days....
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