Thursday, April 23, 2009

Disposable diapers and gold powder.

It's been a pretty uneventful week so far. Mostly I've been busy with the usual daily routines which consist of, basically, ferrying kids to and from school and extra-curricular activities, and running the pharmacy. Oh yes, and the almost daily run to the supermarkets for groceries and not forgetting, the purse-draining baby essentials; disposable nappies and milk formula!

Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are still on milk formula. S-26 Gold from Wyeth and Gain Plus 3 from Abbot. It's so expensive, you'd be excused if you thought S-26 Gold means it comes with a free gold nugget in the bottom of the can!

Yes, I know breast milk is the best milk... yadda yadda... (even better, it's free too!) but regrettably, I do not perform well in cow-mode, so there! All these milk companies really cash in on the mother's guilt for not breast-feeding. Serious pot of gold there.

Another gold mine; disposable diapers. This one basically cashes in on the natural human aversion to handling poo, or, as in the case of men; being in the same room as poo. Quite ironic, as they can spend hours with their own poo in the loo...

Anyway, baby Solomon obviously still needs nappies, and Eva only needs them at night and sometimes during afternoon naps. She actually likes wearing nappies and sometimes refuses to take them off! Just the other night, hubby said he could smell poo. I thought it was just his nose going wonky. After a while, I could smell it too. We checked that the loos were flushed and pottys clean. We then asked the kids if anyone passed some serious gas. The kids were laughing and denying any responsibility. Then Eva said while laughing, " nobody putt putt, only me ngh ngh in my pants and I sit until flat, flat!" At first, I thought she was joking, as she's already coming 3 years and hasn't pooped in her pants for ages. So we were all laughing at her 'joke', when I took a look down her diaper and sure enough, there sat a piece of flattened poo! I was aghast! I started lecturing her, but she was busy laughing along with her sisters who found it hilarious!

As for Claire, we're in the process of weaning her off diapers at night. It's high time she learns how to go to the loo in between sleep. It's just that I'm so sleep-deprived (Solomon still needs 3 feeds at night!), I'd rather pay RM2+ a night for more sleep! Ya, the nappies are expensive too; my children have expensive skin- they're unfortunately allergic to cheap materials! Also, only Mamy Poko pull-ups, the most expensive brand in the market, come in size XXL, which is already tight for her! :) This is another reason why I have to disrupt my favourite pastime to bring her to the potty! And she doesn't make it easy; number one, she has inherited my love for sleep and will scream if woken up. Number two, she's not easy to carry! Sometimes, my maid Paula and I are so tired we forget to bring her and sometimes she also has too much to drink. This is why I have discovered Febreeze, the wonderful odour-neutralizing fabric spray thingie.

It wasn't easy with Annie either. I remember when we were training her to potty at night, she would grab on to the bed rails so tight while her dad pulled her from the other end, all the while with her eyes still closed and crying! It was such a funny sight, like tug-of-war! You'd think we were dragging her for an injection appointment with the doctor! The amount of energy she spent resisting, she could have used to go to the potty ten times over! Then, if by some miracle you managed to get her to sit on the potty, she'd refuse to pee, even though she was already there! This is why I did not bother in the end and just let her use diapers at night until she was around six I think!

The next time you're with strangers who are fellow parents and you want to strike up a conversation, just say,"So, what do you think about the price of diapers and baby formula these days?" Trust me, you'll be set for the rest of the day.

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