Wednesday, September 30, 2015

play doh

 Usually during school holidays we will have a play doh making session. It's a lot of fun and a whole lot of mess as well!

Note that this was during the year-end holiday when Sidekick was still around to clean up. I do not foresee any more play doh making sessions in the near future! lol!

FYI: Sidekick left after finishing her 2 year contract. I initially planned to get a replacement, but after waiting for 2 months for one to no avail, I have decided otherwise.
 I am used to doing the house work and in fact think I do a better job, what with my OCD tendencies and all (have learned to reign it in a bit otherwise I'd be cleaning the whole day away). The kids are also so much more responsible now and make their beds everyday, fold their own clothes and help with the chores. Previously they would just leave towels and clothes strewn all over the floor! That is still the case now, occasionally, but I can see an immense difference in them.
Also my Zumba teaching schedule has been adjusted so that I don't have to leave the kids alone at home at night. 
So I think this is it! No more Sidekick for me! I may consider a daily cleaner in the future.


long silence

IT IS (almost) OCTOBER!

Where did the year go??

I have been so busy and more importantly; maid-less (!!!), so that explains the looong silence! Another reason for not blogging: my geriatric home PC and equally ancient netbook were both due to be thrown out the window!

Anyway, now we have a new home PC, and many, many exciting things and also not-so-exciting changes have happened since my last post.. so I shall attempt to clear off this backlog...

I am now sans Side Kick, but the show must go on!!!! Let's revive my blog!
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