Friday, April 20, 2012

overhead projector

So I've been to stationery shops a few times to find those transparent A4 plastic sheets, either for my own use, or for Annie's school projects.

Every time I ask for transparency sheets, the young sales girls give me that blank, crickets-chirping-in-the-brain look. Only when I say plastic sheets which people use as covers for book binding, does the light bulb come on and they lead me to the correct aisle!

It has finally dawned on me why this is so. I think that these girls most probably have never seen an overhead projector and thus have no idea what a transparency sheet is! In this era of Power Point, I think the OHP has become extinct!!

Do they still use OHP's in school??? I know they don't in my kids' school...

I feel pretty old right about now.... a dinosaur using extinct words... lol!

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