Thursday, July 23, 2015

burst bubbles

So today Solomon got 2 bubbles burst:

1. He wore a 'dinosaur tooth' pendant/necklace to school today. It came free with a dinosaur book he ordered.

In the elevator I casually mentioned,  "You know that's not a real dinosaur tooth right?"

"Ha?!" he exclaimed, looking crestfallen.


2. Solomon told me, "Mummy, I know the Tooth Fairy is not real."

I asked him how he knew..  He said his teacher told him when he showed her the note the Tooth Fairy wrote to him.

Party pooper...  Lol

FYI: Eva wrote the note a few months ago and placed it under his pillow along with the money. He had misplaced his tooth and was worried he wouldn't get any money. The note said: "Why is your tooth not under your pillow Solomon? From Tooth Fairy"

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