Thursday, February 17, 2011

Genting trip 2011

On the second day of Chinese New Year, the whole Ng clan, together with Kung Kung Titus went for a holiday. We spent 2 nights at Genting Highlands, and another at Kuala Lumpur. Well, technically we were in KL, but we stayed at Gardens Residences, and never set foot out of The Gardens or Mid Valley Megamall the whole time we were there!

I don't know where to start, so I guess I'll just let the photos do the talking!

This is Solomon's first time on a plane and he enjoyed it so much, he's been asking to "fy ayopyane high, high" everyday, since we got back.

 Cousin Hughie loves to sit/ lie on public floors! The cutie pie wasted no time getting on the airport floor (outside the toilet!) as soon as we landed! :)

Here we are 'stranded' at luggage collection and guarding the kids as Grandma, Taiku and Daddy went to inform the authorities that someone else took Grandma's luggage! While Grandpa and Uncle Will went to the train station to see if they could catch the culprit!

The authorities managed to call the lady on her handphone, because she left her own luggage on the carousel and it had her tags on it. She was already in a taxi and on her way to LCCT! Silly lady! :)

Waiting for the Genting Highland Resort cars to bring us up the mountain.

Our first meal at Genting, was lunch at a Chinese restaurant, where a plate of simple wantan mee cost RM16!!

This is wantan mee... at least ours came with a bowl of wantan soup!

Anyway, after that, it was off to the arcade to waste hundreds of ringgit on collecting coupon tickets to exchange for slinkies, stickers and cheap stuffed toys!! :)

 I thank God that Sidekick came along! This is the first time we brought her on a holiday, cause it's also the first time we brought all four kids on holiday as well!

 Since Sidekick was around, I got to sneak out when all the kids were asleep! Hubby brought me to the casino, since I never had a chance to go to the special VIP rooms. I'll write more about those in my next post!

So anyway, the next day, we spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon at the outdoor theme park. It was a beautiful day and everyone had lotsa fun.

Solomon had the time of his life, since this was his very first encounter at a theme park!

He wanted to go on this rodeo ride with Claire and Eva. We were hesitant at first, cause I was worried he would cry halfway through the ride! But I figured I could always ask the lady manning the controls to press the stop button if that were the case.

So we let him go and after some initial uncertainty, he was laughing all the way!!

Annie must have found the carousel "lame"... and insisted she and Daddy go on the swinging galleon ride thingy...

That's more like it...

There was plenty to see; lion dances, magic shows and there were these guys with the big heads walking around (see below). The gods of prosperity right?? Chai sen...

Well at least they're cute, unlike those scary men in red make-up lurking about in shopping malls!!

See what I mean??? *gooosebumps*

The kids with their loot; a total of 5 stuffed roosters (meant for pets and not kids, I read the label) from playing those impossible carnival tossing games!

Kung Kung fell asleep on the bench while we waited for Daddy and Annie who were queuing up for the galleon ride.

Tai Ku and Uncle Dylan were a great help with the kids. Thanks you guys!

That night, we had dinner at another Chinese restaurant, and this was the highlight of the meal...

You know what that is???

Deep fried durian!!!

It sounded a bit fishy at first, but if you are a durian lover, you will fall head over heels for this! It is durian flesh and white chocolate ganache (that's chocolate + cream) with a flour coating and deep fried!!

Leaving Genting hotel and heading down to KL...

 We stayed at The Gardens Residences and their two-bedroom apartments are simply gorgeous and so well-equipped!

Here we had dinner at TGIF to celebrate my dad's birthday and also little Hughie's birthday which was coming up soon.

The food was sinfully delicious and Annie who loves western cuisine (the unhealthy American deep fried kind) was bewitched and kept saying she wished we had a TGIF in Kuching!

Everyone also enjoyed the 'presentation' made by the staff for the benefit of the birthday boys! Until now Solomon is singing, "We will, we will, rock you!"

So we stayed a night and all we did was shop and eat!

 Kids' heaven...

 Look what they had for breakfast! Cheezels and chocolate milk!! Hahaha... holiday ma.... Mum not bothered to argue...

Another great thing was that we got to meet my Aunt Jo and Uncle KS. Aunt Jo was my mum's oldest, bestest friend. Sis no.4 and I stayed with them when we were studying in KL. They were so generous to have opened their homes and hearts to us. FIL also knows Uncle KS from their Police Field Force days in Sarawak.

 The icing on top of the cake was the train ride to the airport! Living in the only state in Malaysia which does not have railway tracks, a train ride is indeed a novelty for the kids!! Actually, it would have been cheaper if we took the taxi, but a train ride was way 'funner'!

Though tiring, we all had a grand time. I was rather dreading the holiday, what with the CNY crowd to contend with at Genting Highlands, all the while with 4 kids in tow. But it wasn't all that bad. I guess it's because we had Sidekick and all the grandparents and aunties and uncles around to help out.

Whatever the case, the kids had a blast and they can't wait till the next holiday!

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  1. looks like you had a blast @ KL and Genting .. something we KL-ites take for granted. I'd only go Genting if given a free invite to the Elite Club.. hehehehe.. I'd had 2 haagen daz at least and I'm happy. I dare not go near the gamblers tho' they look like they are in a trance, always in deep thought !


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