Sunday, March 22, 2015

eyesight update

During the school holidays, I took the opportunity to bring the kids for their eye check-ups. All the girls got new lenses, as their degrees changed and Solomon got his first pair of glasses! So now the whole family needs glasses!

This time cousin Hughie joined us. We found out that he too has slight astigmatism, but nothing too severe. So he can still do without glasses for now, though it will be better to monitor his eyesight regularly.

I'll put their results here so I can have a record to refer back to next time:

Date: 16th December 2014

Right- 200* myopia/ no astigmatism
Left- 75* myopia/ 100* astigmatism

Right- 125* myopia/ 375* astigmatism
Left- 150* myopia/ 400* astigmatism

Right- 225* myopia/ 25* astigmatism
Left- 200* myopia/ 50* astigmatism

Right- no myopia/ 100* astigmatism
Left- no myopia/ 175* astigmatism
(currently long-sighted)

First pair! He chose the exact same colours as Dad's!

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