Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas party @ Tebedu

packing gifts - assembly line style

So every year, we help out at a church at Tebedu, which is near the Indonesian border. We pack simple gifts, sponsored by the Lions Club and other kind souls, to bring there and give out to children during the annual Christmas party. At the same time, we usually bring up bags of second-hand clothes and toys which have been collected over the year.

This year, Cousin Hughie managed to join us, as he was home for a long holiday before moving far away to New Zealand! This year's party was a little earlier, so the Singaporean cousins missed it.

photo op with the organizers

tasting raindrops!

On the way back home, Kung Kung's car overheated. The radiator was bone dry and attempts to revive the car, after many litres of water, proved unsuccessful. In the end we called a tow truck and it was towed to a workshop at the nearest town. Later on, we found that the only option was to totally change the engine!

When the whole entourage stopped by the roadside to have a look at Kung Kung's car engine, Cousin Hughie asked me, "Why are we stopping?"

I told him that there was a problem with Kung Kung's car and I was stopping to have a look.

He promptly wailed, "We're gonna be stuck here forever?!!" and was starting to cry!

The poor boy! Luckily after some reassurance he calmed down and all the kids waited patiently in the car while the adults tried to figure out what to do.

All in all, it was a fun adventure!!

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